Tips For Throwing A Fun Virtual Happy Hour

fun virtual happy hour

Due to the necessity of social distancing, we’ve been finding creative ways to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis. If you’ve been missing your weekly happy hours with coworkers and friends, a virtual date can help fill the void. Sure, it’s not as fun as sipping on an expertly-crafted cocktail at your favorite bar, or “cheersing” to Friday with a friend in-person. But you can still see your friends and families’ faces on Zoom or FaceTime, which will brighten up your day and help fight feelings of loneliness during times of isolation. Ready to get try it out? Here are some tips for throwing a fun virtual happy hour.

fun virtual happy hour

Tips For A Fun Virtual Happy Hour

Choose Your Location

Before sending your Zoom meeting link or calling a friend on FaceTime, be sure to figure out where you’ll be hosting a happy hour from in your home. Lighting is key when virtually socializing, so try out a few spots in your apartment to see what works best. Be mindful of the background, and give your video a test run before getting started so you can spot any unwanted background clutter. Reducing noise is another important factor in throwing a successful virtual happy hour, so try and find a quiet space to connect.

Put On Your Fancy Pants

Many of us have been living in our PJs for the past few weeks. While it’s nice to stay comfy all day, living in your lounge clothes can have a negative effect on your mental health. Dressing up can boost your mood and serve as a nice reminder that you still clean up well, despite having nowhere to go. A virtual happy hour is a great excuse to put on a nicer outfit, do your makeup (if you’re into that) or try out a new hairstyle.

Make A Special Drink

Choosing a special drink is another way to add some fun to your happy hour date. Rather than recreating your go-to cocktail, why not use this time to try something different? Check out some of our favorite low-calorie cocktail recipes here. If you’re not in the mood for alcohol, make it a *fancy* coffee date by adding some extras to your brew, like a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Practice Patience

There’s a learning curve when it comes to virtual meetings. Be patient with your friends and families (and yourselves) as we’re all learning to navigate technologies we may not normally use in our daily lives. It’s a good time to work on your listening skills, too — virtual meetings tend to include lots of accidental interruptions and people talking over each other, so wait a moment before jumping in to speak.


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