Free Day’s at the Field Museum

Chicago, being the world class city that it is, has many treasures throughout the city. From the most amazing Skyscrapers, to places like Navy Pier, you be hard pressed to find something new and exciting every time you visit. One of the coolest things Chicago has to offer originates from the World’s Fare here in Chicago during 1893. We are, of course, talking about one of the many famous museums right on the coast line of Lake Michigan.

Today will be looking at the Field Museum and it’s free days for all Illinois residents. Free? You bet, so if you’re coming in from the suburbs or living in one of PPM’s amazing apartments, you too can check out the Field Museum for free.

The Field Museum of Natural History is one of the largest museums in the world and was built in 1921. The establishment of the museum was funded by Marshall Field himself and thus creating the setting for this amazing location. You can find many Permanent exhibits but the museum also has a wide variety of temporary and traveling exhibits throughout the year. Making it a spot you will need to checkout more than once. Furthermore free days include all of February and on select days throughout the remainder of the year. So let’s check out some of the amazing exhibits you can checkout during your visit.

Grainger Hall of Gems

Inside Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Americas

DNA Discovery

Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Evolving Planet

We highly encourage you to take some time and visit the Field Museum either during the free month of February or this spring! Finally if your looking for a great place to eat after your visit make sure to checkout our blog on Ruby’s Chicago!

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