Frank Friday: "Get Your Tan On" With PPM!

Everyone knows the drill already! There are basically only two things you really need to do during spring: tidy up the house AND “get your tan on” so you can be cute & summer-ready. In fact, if you can only do 1 out of the 2 mentioned “spring musts” make sure you do the latter. No one wants a pasty-skin friend to embarrass them at North Avenue Beach in the summer.
Now you’re probably thinking: “but PPM, I don’t have anywhere to tan, and I really don’t feel like getting skin cancer from the tanning salon!” Well don’t you fret our wonderful blog reader, because just like Frank does in the video below, you too can now use one of PPM’s roof-top sun decks to get your tan on!
If you’re a resident at 2756 N. Pine Grove or 1940 N. Lincoln, then the roof-tops are waiting for you! Also, if you’re a resident at any of our Gold Coast properties, roof-tops are waiting for you too! If you’re not a PPM Resident, please give us a call and join the party. No one should be left behind! No One!

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