For College Students: Making The Most Out Of Your Spring Semester

Welcome back, college students! Yes, we know you’d much rather still be on winter break, staying up until the time most of us wake up to go to work and eating food that you’ll probably regret for weeks, but no need to fret, we’ve got some tips that are sure to make this semester better than all the rest!
PPM properties are filled with eager young minds studying to get a degree. Whether you’re staying at one of our Lincoln Park properties, like 2630 N. Hampden, so you can be close to DePaul University’s campus, or perhaps one of our Gold Coast properties, so you can be near Loyola’s Downtown campus, chances are you can use some tips on how to make this semester your best one yet!
We’ll keep these tips short and simple, because let’s be honest, you’ve probably already been assigned way too much reading to have the attention span to last until the end of this blog!

Tip #1: Make it a point to meet at least 5 new people each week!

That might sound a little impossible, but with the large campuses that these Chicago Colleges and Universities have, that really isn’t too hard when you think about it. Also, this tip isn’t just for social purposes. Sure, having new buddies to complain to about your terrible math T.A. is great, but the real reason behind this tip is NETWORKING! During your 15 weeks of classes you have the chance to meet at least 75 new people if you follow this tip, which only means 75 more connections you can have for after you graduate.
Make these connections now, and believe us, you will thank us when you see how helpful it is to have friends from all walks of life!

Tip #2: Find the perfect balance between school, work & socializing!

If you’re constantly with your head in the books, it won’t be long into the semester and you’ll probably lose your mind! Maybe not literally, but speaking from experience, a great student is a balanced student. If Jack Nicholson taught us anything in The Shining is that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and also a crazy boy, but we won’t get into that!
Basically, whatever you do, make sure to always make time for social gatherings and definitely give yourself some alone time where you can regroup and recharge. You’ll notice that with proper balance and time management, the semester will seem more manageable and definitely more fun.

Tip #2: Stay Healthy!

A healthy student will be a happy and productive student! Eat well, exercise and try to eliminate unnecessary stress. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, if you’re living anywhere at our Lincoln Park or Gold Coast properties you’ll be pretty close to the DePaul and Loyola Campuses. Allow yourself enough time to walk to class and when possible, visit restaurants that offer healthier food options in the area. Both neighborhoods are filled with superb restaurant choices, and finding them can be an adventure all in itself!

Give these tips a try and let us know how they’ve bettered your semester!
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