Food Delivery Services in Chicago

Food Delivery Services in Chicago

There are times when the weather in Chicago is too bad or you are simply too tired to walk to grab a bite to eat.

Luckily, there are many apps and services that will pick up your food.

Then they will deliver it right to your door if you’re favorite restaurant does not deliver!

This is a no brainer when your feeling hungry and don’t want to leave your PPM apartment.

It’s also great idea if your having friends over and wanting a quick eat in.

Here are your options for staying in on those rainy days or a lazy Sunday.


With over 2,000 restaurant menus, Seamless will help you get the meal you want! Seamless makes ordering dinner easy and there is no need to pick up the phone.


GrubHub has been a very popular food delivery service for a while in Chicago due to their speed and restaurant options! They allow you to track your order with updates sent to your phone throughout the process.


This delivery service is a little pricier, but will deliver just about anything from anywhere to your door! Postmates will deliver items such as a Starbucks coffee, a full meal from a restaurant, or even office supplies. Try out Postmates for their on-demand service throughout the day.


UberEATS allows Uber users to use the same app they would to request a ride for food. They have partnered with various restaurants throughout Chicago to deliver food to your location in as little as 5 minutes.

If eating in isn’t your thing, then make sure to checkout our latest blog on ROCKS Lakeview!

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