Fall Floral Arranging Tips For A Festive Bouquet

Floral Arranging

Fall is in the air — let’s bring it indoors to your apartment, too. Arranging your own autumnal bouquet is a fun, simple way to add a festive touch to your space. Below, we’re sharing fall floral arranging suggestions that will help you celebrate the start of the season where it’s done best: in the comfort of your own home.

Floral Arranging

Choose Autumnal Colors

Ask anyone why they love fall, and we bet they’ll gush about the colors. This time of year, the leaves begin to change from green to fiery red, gold, and orange — the same hues found in fall’s abundant harvest of pumpkins, apples, and squash. By selecting the right colors for your floral arrangements, you can enjoy fall’s color palette in your own apartment.

Floral Arranging

Think Outside the Blooms

Fall flowers like mums and dahlias are at their peak this time of year. But if you’re doing your own fall floral arranging, we suggest thinking beyond the blooms. Bring your bouquet to the next level by incorporating some fresh fall produce, such as apples or berries. We also suggest collecting some branches to spruce up your fall bounty.

Floral Arranging

Try a Seasonal Vase

Our next floral arranging tip is for the vessel that holds your flowers: the vase, which is arguably just as important as the bouquet. Instead of a traditional vase, we suggest placing your fall florals in a carved-out pumpkin or butternut squash to make it extra festive.

Floral Arranging

Keep It Simple

Less is sometimes more when it comes to floral arranging. If you’re a big fan of fall leaves, you may not need much else for your own bouquet. A few twigs adorned with colorful leaves will add an understated autumnal touch to any room. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about wilting blooms.

Looking for some more ways to decorate your apartment for fall? Check out our previous post on how to prepare your space for the autumn season.

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