Build Your Own Spring Bouquet with These Basic Floral Arranging Tips

floral arranging tips

Nothing brightens an apartment up quite like a centerpiece of fresh blooms. If you’ve ever wanted to design your own bouquet, these basic floral arranging tips will come in handy.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Cut Stems at an Angle

Before you arrange your florals, be sure to cut the stems at an angle so they can properly hydrate. You can take it a step further by gently “mashing” the ends of the stems, which can help them soak up water more efficiently.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Remove Leaves

Next, you’ll want to remove any leaves from your flower stems. Leaves can carry harmful bacteria, so it’s best to strip them off before building a bouquet. If you want to leave some for aesthetic purposes, just make sure none remain below the waterline.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Start Tall

This is not the time to start small. When it comes to building a bouquet, you’ll want to start with the tallest flower first. This will determine your bouquet’s height so that you can build the rest of it around that point.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Rule Of Threes

The Rule of Threes states that things look better when grouped in threes. This rings true for many aspects of home decor, and it applies to floral arrangements, too. In fact, you can use the rule of threes in several ways when working with florals. Try one of these suggestions for some inspiration:

Textures: Use the rule of threes to determine three textures you want to feature in your bouquet. Then stick to those three as you build it.

Sizes: Choose three different sized flowers for your bouquet to create an interesting arrangement.

Colors: Choose three colors and build your bouquet with various shades of those three hues.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Choose a Container

As a general rule, you’ll want to choose a vase or a container that’s about one-and-a-half times taller than your bouquet. If it’s too short or too tall, your bouquet won’t look its best.

Chicago Apartments, Floral Arrangement Tips

Secure It

Finally, keep your bouquet in place by securing it. Use a rubber band or tie a piece of twine around the stems to hold everything in place before placing it in your container.

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