Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree Care Guide for Apartment Dwellers

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree Care

Who can resist a fiddle-leaf fig tree? With its wide, rounded leaves, the plant creates a comforting vibe in any space it occupies. Happy fiddles will grow over six feet in height, which makes them stunning statement pieces for apartments. These plants can be a bit finicky, though, so sticking with a proper care routine is essential to its survival. Here are the basics of fiddle-leaf fig tree care.

fiddle-fig tree care

Fiddle-Fig Tree Care Guide

Where to Place Your Fiddle-Fig Tree

First thing’s first: Fiddle-leaf fig trees hate drafts. These plants won’t do well with cold air, so keep yours away from open doors or windows. However, bright, indirect light is a must-have for fiddle-fig trees. Those giant green leaves need lots of sunlight to thrive. Place your plant near—but not right next to— a window in your apartment. This will ensure that it gets a good amount of sunlight without risking it catching a draft or too much bright light.

Watering Needs

Fiddle-leaf fig trees don’t need much water. Plan to water yours about once a week or every ten days, and be sure it’s potted in well-draining soil. As a tropical plant, these trees prefer getting a big “gulp” of water all at once, then drying out completely before its next watering. Keep your plant healthy and avoid root rot by making sure the soil is completely dry before giving it water. Your plant may also benefit from an infrequent misting.

Leaf Care

Take care of your fiddle-leaf fig tree’s show stopping leaves by wiping them down with a soft cloth once a week. This will get rid of dust and pests, and it’ll also make it easier for your plant to soak up its fair share of sunlight.

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