Farm-to-Table: Lakeview Edition

Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Browntrout

One easy way to take steps to become more environmentally conscious is to eat at restaurants that buy sustainable ingredients.

Basically, this means that the restaurant will buy organic and (hopefully) locally.

We want to provide you with some of the best farm to table restaurants in the neighborhoods where YOU live.

This is the third and final in a series of blogs highlighting the farm to table restaurants in each of PPM’s neighborhoods.



Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Wood

3335 N. Halsted; The Chef, Ashlee Aubin was the winner of the 2013 and 2014 Michelin Bib Gourmand Award, a huge honor. He brings to Wood a reliance on local, fresh ingredients. He operates the restaurant on the belief that sustainability not only makes a meal taste better, but also builds a sense of collective community and responsibility.


Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Browntrout

4111 N. Lincoln; Maybe the greatest thing about this menu is its simplicity. Don’t expect to come to Browntrout and find a bunch of things on the menu you’ve never heard of, or that you can’t pronounce. The dishes are simple, interesting and delicious. This is a restaurant that prides itself on being green. They have house-filtered tap water, a rooftop garden, and they often host an indoor farmers market right in the restaurant. Truly farm to table.

Uncommon Ground

Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Uncommon Ground

3800 N. Clark; Named the greenest restaurant in America by the Green Restaurant Association. Recipient of not only numerous awards for their sustainable and green practices (rooftop garden, farm to table, sustainable, organic, you name it) but its also received plenty of recognition for its amazing food as well. This is a must do in Lakeview.

Chilam Balam 

Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Chilam Balam

3023 N. Broadway; Not only is this restaurant farm-to-table, it’s also Mexican. But that’s not all – it’s also BYOB. What better combination could we possibly come up with? The restaurant uses local and sustainable produce mostly obtained from farmers markets in the city.

Sandwich Me In 

Chicago Apartments, Farm-to-Table, Lakeview, Sandwich Me In

3037 N. Clark; A little different from the others on the list because this place is more of an in and out sandwich shop. They not only use local and fresh produce but also local meats. They also have an emphasis on recycling, reusing, and reducing their waste. They actually take the time to educate their guests on how their food travels from farm to plate. Their goals are to provide high quality, natural food at an affordable price. Sustainability isn’t the only plus, everything from the bread to the smoked meats are made in house… that’s right, 100% from scratch.

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