Fall is in the Air. Celebrate with a Starbucks Gift Card!

Although the Chicago weather can be fairly unreliable the signs of fall’s arrival are undeniable: the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and the final street festivals for the season are over.
Fall is a great season in Chicago, though. It’s those precious few weeks of time when walking through Lincoln Park will take your breath away with beautiful fall colors, and when you can stop by your neighborhood Starbucks and enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
To celebrate fall, PPM is giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card to one lucky winner. You can use it to get your morning buzz, or unwind after a busy at one of their new cafes with a glass of wine and a small plate [Diversey & Sheffield or at 200 S Michigan]
To enter, leave a comment below and tell us YOUR favorite thing about fall in Chicago. A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, September 21.
Congratulations to Lindsey P. for winning and thank you to everyone who participated and shared their favorite thing about fall in Chicago. Don’t forget to get out and enjoy this incredible weekend of fall weather! 
Celebrate fall and fall in love with where you live with Planned Property.
If you are looking for an apartment in a neighborhood that has the best Chicago has to offer (Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast), book an appointment with us online or call (773) 570-3744.  One of our expert leasing agents will give you a tour of some of our 3000 Chicago apartments in the neighborhood you’re interested in.  Or, if you cannot be there in person, we are happy to walk you through an online tour!

0 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air. Celebrate with a Starbucks Gift Card!

  1. Gotta love a Chicago fall weekend filled with football, jeans and hoodie weather with a good morning brunch and booze! Best season in the best city!

  2. Fall is orange brown rust cranberry.Fall reminds me picking up leaves,pick the brightest in a book of memories. Fall reminds me smell of burning leaves. Family around to laugh and jump in the leaves.
    Comfort around a fire with a glass of cider. Waiting on
    Halloween. dreaming of picking of costumes.
    Last warmth and sun before Winter and snow. These are my thoughts on Halloween.

  3. Fall has always been my favorite season but recently for more important reasons. I moved to this city in the fall and fell in love with the changing leaves and the slight chill in the air that reminds you that you’re alive. People are still on the streets trying to soak in as much as possible with football, baseball playoffs, and hockey (hopefully) seasons. Plus for those of us that love to cook… It’s soup and braising season!

  4. This will be my first time enjoying the fall here in Chicago.
    My favorite thing would have to be halloween, and the trees changing colors. Love the deep oranges and reds. Also can’t forget the pumpkin spice Latte from Starbucks 🙂

  5. I love going for runs in lincoln park with the leaves changing and cooler air. Dropping temps in Chivago in the fall definitely make me more in the mood to sit on a cafe patio just drinking and chatting for hours.

  6. My favorite thing about Chicago’s Fall? Cuddling up in bed with the windows open and the crisp air blowing in. Walking down to Loose Leaf Coffee for freshly brewed pumpkin coffee or to BobTails for the pumpkin ice cream. All while passing open windowed bars with football on every single channel and October themed beers on every single table. Chicago brings people from all over the country together…but in the fall, the alumni are able represent where they are a part of with game day shirts and cheers. Chicago has many beautiful parks and trails for walks, and in the fall they are that much more lovely with the leaves fire red! I lived in NC for 22 years…and it cant compare to Autumn in Chicago 😉

  7. Cuddling up in bed, with lots of blankets and pillows, wearing many layers, hot tea and the orange, red and brown leaves falling from the trees!!!

  8. Fall in chicago is amazing! I am looking forward to pumpkin patches, halloween festivities, and gorgeous trees. Also who can resist the return of the football season!

  9. I love taking a run through Lincoln Park when the air is brisk and the leaves are changing and afterwards going to a nice long brunch to watch football. Can’t be beat!

  10. I love to walk in the wooded paths near my PPM apartment and
    crush as many leaves as I can while enjoying the color of leaves and scent of cool breeze from lake.

  11. There are too many things to love about the fall in Chicago! The beautiful leave, the smell of bon fires, apple and pumpkin picking, cider, hoodies (tho I will still be wearing my flip flops til there’s snow on the ground!) and who can forget about Oktoberfests that are all over the city!

  12. Fall is my favorite season!!!! There’s nothing better than starting my favorite season with one last Cubs game at Wrigley field! Go Cubs Go 🙂

  13. I love PPM for the safe neighborhoods and clen apartments. I’ve always had great luck with my building engineer and the staff. Finding an apartment that was perfect for me in price and size was the easiest aspect of moving to Chicago. I moved from halfway across the country and PPM has really made the transition easier. The social media connections are wonderful as well since I can stay connected and informed!

  14. Whoops! My comment got chopped off. I love Chicago in the fall since this is when I got my apartment! I’m new but I love wearing scarves and bundling up with some pumpkin spice lattes!

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