Fall Cleaning Checklist For Your Apartment

We’re well into fall at this point. But if you’ve been slacking on your cleaning lately, we get it. There’s a lot of fun stuff happening this season, and between crafting, baking and exploring, we understand if cleaning your apartment hasn’t been top of mind. However, with October being almost over, we suggest getting started on your fall cleaning goals now. We know it can be an overwhelming undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. To simplify the process, we’re offering a fall cleaning checklist. This checklist will help you organize and clean your apartment in a simple manner.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist: For Your Bedroom

For Your Bedroom

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop (or Swiffer) your bedroom floors, depending on if they’re carpet or hardwood.
  • Switch out your linens for a more fall-friendly option. If you’ve been sleeping with a light blanket during the warmer months, get your comforter back on the bed.
  • Switch out your clothes. Now is the time to swap your warm-weather wardrobe for cooler clothing. Store your summer attire in your closet, under your bed or any place you know it will be kept safe until the following season.
  • Flip your mattress: Flipping your mattress can give your bed the refresh it needs. If you can’t flip it over because it’s a pillow top, you can still flip it around so that you’ll be laying on the opposite end.
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Fall Cleaning Checklist: For Your Kitchen

For Your Kitchen

  • Clean your fridge: This is the time to deep clean your fridge. Take everything out, and dispose of any old or expired food. Wipe your fridge down well before putting everything you’re keeping back inside.
  • Clean your cupboards: Next, do the same thing you did for your fridge to your cupboards. Wipe the inside of your covers down to remove any dust or grime. Then, place all the items you want to keep back in place.
  • Declutter your kitchen: Take this time to also get rid of any excess junk you don’t need anymore. Go through your dishware, glassware, pots, pans and silverware. If you notice anything that’s no longer in good condition, toss it. The same thing goes for anything you no longer need. If you’re unsure, you can always refer to Marie Kondo’s KonMarie method. Ask yourself, does this item spark joy? If not, you’ll know it’s time to part ways with it.
  • Clean out your kitchen sink. Tip: Use flour! Check out our previous post on how to do it here.
  • Mop or Swiffer your kitchen’s floors until they’re sparkling.
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Fall Cleaning Checklist: For Your Living Room

For Your Living Room

Clean the floors: Give your living room a good vacuum cleaning. This isn’t the time to do the bare minimum. Take your time giving the living room a good deep clean to start the fall season off on the right (clean) foot.

Clean your furniture: Use your vacuum on your upholstered furniture. This is an especially crucial step if you have a cat or dog who tends to shed. Pets shed most during the warmer season, so chances are high that your couch could use a good deep clean this time of year.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist: For Your Bathroom

For Your Bathroom

  • Scrub your tub.
  • Clean and polish metal sink and tub fixtures.
  • Deep clean the bathroom floors.
  • Declutter your bathroom cabinet: Get rid of any outdated lotions, toiletries or medications. Clean out the nooks and crannies in your medicine cabinet (because when’s the last time that got cleaned?).

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For Your Apartment

  • Wash window sills and window treatments. Windex your windows to remove glass smudges (pets are a common culprit of these).
  • Wash doorknobs and other fixtures
  • Wash the walls (yes, walls need to be cleaned, too!). You can dust off your apartment’s painted walls, then wipe them down with a damp cloth before drying them.
  • Clean your personal items, like your laptop. Dust off your keyboard and wipe down your screen.


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