Fall-Blooming Houseplants for Your Apartment

fall-blooming houseplants

Blooms aren’t just for spring. Some flowering houseplants bloom in the fall and winter, providing pops of warm color during the cooler months of the year. These plants typically thrive with less light and can do better in relatively cooler temperatures, so many of them are great additions to an apartment’s interior. Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite fall-blooming houseplants. Most of these are readily available, so you should be able to snag them at your local garden store or nursery.

Fall-Blooming Houseplants: Mums


No flower encapsulates “fall vibes” quite like chrysanthemums. The blooms come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes — there’s a mum for everyone. They’re an affordable flower option for those on a budget, and the best part is they last for weeks instead of just days. Mums thrive in well-lit areas, and need a good amount of water to keep them at their best. Place your mums by a window so that they get enough sunlight. Just be sure it’s not too hot. Mums prefer a cooler temperature and won’t do well in a warm spot.

fall-blooming houseplants

Fall-Blooming Houseplants: African Violet

African Violets

If you’re looking for a fall-blooming plant that can survive with less light, check out the African Violet. These cute houseplants don’t need much direct sunlight to thrive, though a little bit of indirect sun exposure will get them looking their best. African Violets produce pretty purple, blue, or white blooms. They’re the perfect little plant for anyone who’s tight on space, making them an ideal choice for studio or one-bedroom apartment dwellers. Be sure to keep your African Violet’s soil moist. Water yours from the bottom to avoid getting moisture into their fuzzy leaves, which can rot in high humidity.

fall-blooming houseplants

Fall-Blooming Houseplants: Amaryllis


The Amaryllis is one of the easiest plants to grow and bring to bloom, and it’s also one of the prettiest of all fall-blooming houseplants. Colors range from red and white blooms (the most popular varieties) to orange, bright pink, and salmon. All you’ll need to do for your Amaryllis is place it in a bright, well-lit area, and keep it hydrated with regular waterings. You don’t have to worry too much about temperature, as they can do well with a little heat. To help your plant’s stalks grow straight, turn the pot periodically in the sunlight.

fall-blooming houseplants

Fall-Blooming Houseplants: Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Don’t let the festive name fool you. Although the Christmas Cactus’ name evokes holiday cheer, these houseplants can start blooming as early as November, depending on the temperature. The plant does best in cooler weather, so keep it away from any heat sources. Place it in a moderately-lit, cool spot for the best blooming results. The Christmas Cacti requires a lot less water come October, so alter your watering schedule accordingly until you see buds forming — you can then go back to watering it regularly. If taken care of properly, your Christmas Cactus could live for decades.

fall-blooming houseplants

Fall-Blooming Houseplants: Goldfish Plants

Goldfish Plant

Another great fall-blooming houseplant to have in your apartment this time of year is the Goldfish Plant. It gets its name from the bright orange and red flowers that resemble small fish. This beautiful houseplant works particularly well as a hanging plant. While the blooms will be boldest during the spring and summer seasons, they can last through the fall if your plant gets enough TLC. Your plant will do best in bright, indirect sunlight. Just be sure to avoid direct sunlight so the leaves don’t burn.

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