Exploring Lakeview’s Coffee Scene

There’s no question that coffeeshops are a part of most of our daily routines. Whether we sluggishly wander into one to get our morning buzz, work from one remotely during the day, or meeting up with friends or dates over a latte, they are central to life.
With the recent news of Caribou Coffee closing their Chicago locations, it reminded us about the importance of supporting our local Chicago-based coffeeshops and we wanted to share a few of our favorite coffeeshops in Lakeview with you.

1 – Intelligentsia
 (3123 N Broadway)The original Intelligentsia Coffee location in Lakeview recently underwent a remodel that nearly doubled its seating capacity and added modern touches to make this neighborhood hot spot even hotter. While adding more seat space the recent remodel didn’t provide many outlets for telecommuters. Still, it’s a great spot to get some work done, meet a friend for coffee, and enjoy one of the early pioneers of Chicago coffee culture.
2 – Bow Truss (2934 N Broadway)
Bow Truss is newer to Chicago’s coffee scene and has been roasting from its Broadway location since early 2012. While the cafe space is small and there is no wi-fi or restrooms readily available, it’s still a wonderful place to disconnect and enjoy a great cup of coffee. On the weekends, Bow Truss hosts local bakeries to hawk their delicious homemade cookies, pies, and other delicious baked goods.

3 – NextDoor Chicago (659 W Diversey)
Don’t let this place fool you. While the State Farm logo may confuse you, this tucked away location is a haven for telecommuters complete with free wi-fi, meeting rooms, and plenty of outlets. Brewing neighboring coffeeshop Bow Truss Coffee, this coffeeshop/cafe also offers gourmet baked goods, crepes, and jarred salads and sweets. If you need a place to work or meet with a small group of people, NexrtDoor is the place. Meeting rooms, tables, and work spaces can be reserved for free online. Next Door also offers many free events and classes throughout the month. Check out their calendar for details.
4 – Saugatuck Coffee Co. (3344 N Halsted)
This eclectic Boystown coffeeshop has all of the charm of the beautiful Michigan resort town that it is named after. Featuring a lite breakfast and lunch menu, homemade baked goods, and smoothies, Saugutuck is a great location to grab a quick bite or sit back and do some work. This jewel of a coffeeshop in Lakeview is not to be missed.
5 – Dollop Coffee & Tea formerly Kickstand (824 W Belmont)
While this Lakeview coffeshop recently underwent a name change and remodel, Dollop’s location in the heart of Lakeview makes it an excellent place for commuters on their way to work or telecommuters to plug in. Brewing Chicago-based Metropolis Coffee and serving up baked good from Southport Grocers and Fritz Pasteries, there’s a little something for everyone here.
Are you a coffee snob? What other non-corporate coffeeshops do you frequent in the Lakeview neighborhood?

0 thoughts on “Exploring Lakeview’s Coffee Scene

  1. I am not a coffee snob, but I want to be! There are so many coffee shops around here, thanks for pointing these out!
    I had never heard of Saugatuck Coffee Co. but now I NEED to go there because I’m from Michigan and I miss it!

  2. isn’t it ironic that the best comment on the non-corporate coffee shop blog article gets a gift card to the most corporate coffee shop ever? I still want it.

  3. My favorite it’s intelligentsia. I love that they added more seating. I didn’t know NextDoor had free meeting rooms. If I still was working from home, I’d totally use them! My favorite thing to do on sundays is to stop a bowtruss and pick up a pastry from whatever wonderful vendor they are showcasing. However, I do this after going to the gym, which might defeat the purpose…

  4. My Fiancé and I are both religious coffee drinkers. We cannot live without it, and are very particular about the coffee we like and will drink. We like it strong and flavorful, which is why we love Starbucks. However I have to give it to Intelligentsia; prior to moving to Lakeview, I had never heard of it. And what lured me in one day was the delicious coffee aroma which can be sensed from down the block! Every time I walk past there, I have to stop in! Absolutely love them, especially the personal touch they add by creating a leaf design in the foam of my cappuccino.

  5. Never been to Saugatuck. Look forward to a visit. Bow Truss & Next Door are faves. I don’t think Intelligentsia belongs on this list. They are full on corporate(!) & nowhere as good as they used to be. Give the new kids a shot.

  6. Never been to Saugatuck. Look forward to a visit. Bow Truss & Next Door are faves. I don’t think Intelligentsia belongs on this list. They are full on corporate(!) & nowhere as good as they used to be. Give the new kids a shot.

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