Everything you need to know about Chi-Town Rising

For as long as any of us can remember New Year’s Eve has been a monster of an event. From the house parties, to hotels, and of course the massive bar and club parties. Yet year after year we always tune in to see the ball drop in New York City and as fun as it is to watch it’s kind of the same old thing we do.

However not this New Year’s, no in fact Chicago, that’s right Chicago has something new up there sleeve and that of course is Chi-Town Rising! A new massive celebration along the Chicago River with our own twist on the ball drop, a huge star that will ascend 36 stories up the Hyatt Regency Chicago’s West Tower. So what can we expect and when can we expect it? Let’s take a look!


The gates will open to pass-holders at 6:30 p.m. If you haven’t picked one up you can grab yours here!

Light’s, Camera, Action

The epic, first of its kind New Year’s Eve event will feature a visually spectacular countdown to 2016, a major fireworks show, and of course the star rising at midnight.


You can expect to hear and see legendary rock band Chicago and alt-rock artists American Authors who will head like Chi-Town Rising at the countdown stage.

What to Wear

Baby its cold outside, so make sure to bundle up for the occasion. But fear not if you get to cold you can always hop in the Corona Beach house to warm your figures and grab a drink!
So if you plan on staying in Chicago this year or visiting make sure to check out this new and exciting even, Chi-Town rising. Of course if you don’t plan on going out you can always tune into any local Chicago news station for full coverage! Happy New Year!

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