Edzo’s Burger Shop

Edzo’s Burger Shop – Lincoln Park
2218 N. Lincoln Ave
10:30am-8pm Tuesday-Sunday
*closed Mondays*
Edzo’s Burger Shop has been a must stop joint when you are in Evanston and we were super excited when we learned they were FINALLY opening in Lincoln Park!
The inside is very simple with a modest sized dining area. Nothing special at all but it serves its purpose just fine. You can see the staff and kitchen from where you place your order, which we always like. It just adds a bit to the overall ambiance. All the menu items are pretty standard from any classic burger joint: sandwiches, milkshakes, fries, hot dogs, and obviously burgers all make the list.

When it comes to the burgers, there are three sizes to choose from (single, double, or triple patties) with a ton of toppings including bacon, sauteed mushrooms and fried eggs. We opted for a burger with two patties with “everything” which includes ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions and then went for broke with bacon and a fried egg!

SO GOOD — the patties are thin, but don’t be fooled; they’re oh so satisfying, moist and juicy on the inside along with the crispy charred edges and a soft bun, it makes for a great combination.

Man does not live on beef alone, so we also ordered hot dogs. They were Chicago Style done perfectly – including hot peppers and an ice cold pickle spear!

Now… the other MAIN event. The fries! We both agreed they are in the top 3 of any french fry we have ever eaten. I really want to go back and try the lobster fries, truffle fries, and garlic fries – and no, not all in one sitting.

The guy at the register was also awesome. We were confused when ordering and we all giggled the whole time. The workers were all nice and very approachable.
If you like burgers or even if you don’t… go to Edzo’s, you will not be sorry! If you love burgers as much as we do then make sure to also check out our review of Epic Burger!

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