Last-Minute Edible Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Edible Gifts

Need a last-minute gift? Don’t worry, we can help! Everyone loves food, and you can easily create delicious edible gifts for friends and family in your apartment’s kitchen. Here are some tasty recipe suggestions for last-minute edible gifts.

Edible Gifts

Five-Ingredient Fudge

This recipe couldn’t be any easier. Seriously — all you have to do is microwave, stir, and spread! With just five ingredients, you’ll have homemade fudge ready in a flash.

Two-Ingredient Christmas Bark

If five ingredients are too many for you, we’ll make it even simpler. Here’s our favorite recipe for Christmas candy bark. You only need two ingredients to make it: Chocolate chips and roasted almonds. Feel free to add more goodies like peppermint stick pieces or peanuts.

Holiday Cookies

Freshly baked cookies are another thoughtful, edible gift option. Check out some of our favorite holiday cookie recipes, from sea salt chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter oatmeal cookies.

Homemade Buckeyes

Last but not least on our list of edible gifts are buckeyes — a sweet and salty seasonal ideal for diehard peanut butter and chocolate lovers. Think of them as the original homemade Reese’s Cup, but tastier!

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