Eataly Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Eataly

Eataly Chicago
43 E. Ohio
Open Every Day 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Now that PPM owns our first building in River North, 55 W. Chestnut, we thought it was time to explore the hood – first on our list – Eataly Chicago! We absolutely loved it – it’s like Willie Wonka’s Factory for foodies! This is s fun vibrant place to do whatever at, they have it all and something for everyone here. Let there be no mistake, Eataly Chicago is big. With 63,000 square feet of space, dozens upon dozens of aisles of groceries, and many different restaurants and bars, it is literally enormous. This is no dumbed down Italian theme park. The quality of everything, from the delicate handmade pasta and crusty bread to the impeccably fresh fish and dry-aged beef, is astonishingly high. While you can purchase all of those items to eat at home, the many different restaurants care deeply about what they serve. The marketplace is awesome! You can find all sorts of interesting things like kitchenware, utensils, pasta, cheese, meats, cured items, condiments, all things for the food lover! -we even found a $298 bottle of balsamic vinegar!
Now most importantly … THE FOOD!
First up we had the prime rib sandwich that is a must try! OMG this thing is the best!!! Freshly made sliced prime rib, rubbed in mushroom inside a freshly made baguette. It doesn’t get any better than this! Chicago Apartments, Eataly

We ordered the Arancini and a meat and cheese platter. Loved the Arancini, but the highlight was the ricotta cheese. So delicious! It was so creamy and with just the right amount of sweetness.

Of course we HAD to try the pizza –we ordered the Capricciosa Pizza – PERFECTION! The mozzarella was smooth and creamy a perfect compliment to smoky, salty prosciutto! The crust sealed the deal making this the BEST brick oven pizza we have EVER had! Chicago Apartments, Eataly

We had to finish with a trip to the Nutella Bar. Smooth melted chocolate and fresh fruit on warm crepes – HEAVEN in River North!

If you haven’t been to Eataly Chicago – GO NOW!
Chicago Apartments, Eataly

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