Easy DIY Projects For Your PPM Apartment

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Flower Vase

Living in an apartment in Chicago is both exciting and rewarding. Living in a PPM building is all that but also can be loads of fun. Be it at 750 N. Rush in the Gold Coast all the way up to 2756 N. Pinegrove there are so many fun things to do in each neighborhood. One of our core values is that were fun, from our pool parties to our doggie food trunk nights, it’s never a dull moment at PPM.

Yet there are some fun creative things you can do in your PPM apartment if you should feel a bit spontaneous. We’re of course talking about DYI, and you can do it right here in your PPM apartment. Now we know not everyone is an experienced at DYI crafts, so we put together some quick easy DIY projects you could start with. You never know what you can create with a little imagination! So let’s take a look!

Colorful Flower Vase

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Flower Vase

For beginners, easy and colorful. How To!

Anthropologie Paper Flower Garland Wall Accent

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Anthropologie Paper Flower Garland Wall Accent

A perfect yet simple accent for any wall. How To!

Lack Coffee Table Transformation

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Lack Coffee Table Transformation

Old coffee table? No problem, here a quick fix. How To!

Dipped Kitchen Jars

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Dipped Kitchen Jar

Perfect for any kitchen. How To!

Light Up Curtain Headboards

Chicago Apartments, DIY Projects, Light Up Curtain Headboards

This just makes going to bed that much easier! How To!

As you can see, there are a ton of DIY of there! For even more great DIY ideas make sure to check out our DIY Pinterest Board. Have fun creating!

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