Here Are Some Of The Easiest House Plants To Propagate

Easiest House Plants to Propagate

A house plant-filled home is a dream for many apartment dwellers. But anyone with a green thumb — or an aspiring green thumb — knows plants are pricey. If you’re looking to add more plants to your collection without paying full price, propagating cuttings might be your best option. Not only will you have more house plants at home — but you’ll also be able to experience the joys of tending to your very own plant babies. Plus, propagating is the perfect any-day project to get into this spring. To help you get started, we’re sharing a roundup of some of the easiest house plants to propagate.

Easiest House Plants to Propagate

Easiest House Plants to Propagate


You can propagate a jade plant with just one leaf. Start by cutting a leaf off the plant at its base. Then, simply place it on top of potting soil that drains freely. Now, sit back and let your jade leaf do its thing. It’ll take a few weeks for the cutting to begin rooting in the soil, but it will eventually lead to a brand new baby jade plant. Congrats!


Another one of the easiest house plants to propagate are philodendrons. First, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off a 3-6 inch piece of your plant’s stem and remove all the leaves aside from a few at the top of your cutting. Now, place your cutting upright in a container full of moist potting soil so that none of the leaves are buried. Next, put your container anywhere with access to indirect sunlight. Windowsills should work well. It’ll take a few weeks before your cutting begins sprouting roots.


To propagate a pothos plant, snip off a piece of steam at about 4-6 inches in size. Be sure the stem has at least four healthy leaves, and snip off the leaf that is closest to where you made your cut. Now, you’ll need to place your cutting in water so that it can begin rooting. Mason jars work great for this step, but any glass jar will do just fine. Your pothos cutting will need lots of indirect light, so placing it by a window is usually your best bet. It should take about a month for the cutting to begin rooting. Once it does, you can plant it in potting soil.


Last but not least on our list of the easiest house plants to propagate is the aloe plant. The first thing you’ll need to do is find the existing pups on your plant, which may be hiding at the stem or base of your plant. Be sure the offset has its own root system and some leaves. Next, remove the plant from its pot, brush away the soil and untangle the pups from the main plant. Be gentle! Don’t rush this step — it’s important to slow down and do it right so that your plants’ roots don’t get damaged in the process. Make sure there is no rot on your offset’s roots. Then, re-pot the offset in dry soil that drains well. Don’t water it until at least a few days later to give your pup’s roots time to adjust.

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