Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Drinks, Dryhop

When the sign first went up to that desolate storefront, who would have thought it be changing into a brand new brewery, admit it you were excited, or at least we were! The neighborhood is great and everything, but Brendan’s “drink specials” of pucker shots leaves a lot to the imagination and Monsignor Murphy’s “dive bar” vibe is fun, although has no food (other than popcorn), this meant Lakeview definitely needed something in the middle.
After following them on Facebook, of course our curiosity was killing us so we were in there shortly after those doors opened at 5pm. The vibe inside is friendly and filled with young people in the area (not YOUNG like Lincoln park, but you get the idea). The beer choices, except for two are brewed, right there in the brewery and are AMAZING. You can get a sampler flight of all of them if you, like us, had trouble making a decision which one to try (although I may have tried regular sizes on all of them). Our favorites were Vampire for Your Love and Shark Meets Hipster. You can also treat yourself to a growler and stop by whenever you like and have it filled with their freshly brewed beer on a regular basis, for a super reasonable price (read: cheap). We hope the prices stay this reasonable!
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Drinks, Dryhop
When we went the bar was crowded and it was about 2 people deep at the bar, so it was a little annoying because we had to move every two seconds to let someone through, but we didn’t mind, it’s exciting to see a business be successful for once. Everyone seemed equally as excited to support it.
Even with the high volume of people here, after a bit we were able to score some bar stools. There is food here (and tables to eat, although had a hefty waiting list), and let me tell you the constant passing by of the waiters serving food was enough to make me want to come back when it was less crowded. Lucky for us, a local bar owner treated us to some samples of the food in store, which he described as a “Charlie trotter Caribbean fusion”, I thought it was just plain delicious.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Drinks, Dryhop
Everyone here is friendly; the staff is knowledgeable, energetic and fun. The patrons range from people in the area, to even other bar owners who showed up in support and had nothing but great things to say about what we can expect from this place.
If we had to pick a downside, it would be the lack of outdoor space (as in there is none). However, to make up for this the entire front of the bar opens up and its as if you are outside. This is also not a place you are going to go to find out what’s going on in the world of sports, or music videos, there are no TV’s here kids, so if that’s what you’re after, head to Wrigleyville. Although it took a minute for me to get used to the idea, we did enjoy not having to scream at each other in the bar, we were able to hang out and meet new people. The music there was classic for all and not the obnoxious top 40 hits.

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