Downtown Chicago Student Life

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life

There are dozens of colleges in Chicago, but none of them has the combination that DePaul University has. A well-known, prestigious, private university with more than 100 years of history, plunked down in the middle of Lincoln Park, one of the best party neighborhoods in one of the country’s best party cities, DePaul University has a student life that is full and rich, with something for every type of student.

Intellectual Life

Intellectual life at DePaul University has all the benefits of a vibrant college scene crossed with those of a diverse and thriving urban community.
With hundreds of clubs and activity groups on campus, DePaul offers activities for every intellectual pursuit. The campus has a great art museum with a large, diverse collection that also brings in interesting and challenging traveling exhibitions.
Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life
Off-campus, there are dozens of theaters that offer everything from small, experimental shows to large Broadway-style shows. Lincoln Park is within a short walk, with the Chicago History Museum, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, which has rebranded itself as a kid-friendly institution, but has amazing collections and exhibitions to challenge people of all ages, and is actually Chicago’s oldest museum.

Party Scene

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life
As with the intellectual life, the party scene at DePaul combines both an on-campus and an off-campus vibe. The college scene is built around the typical parties, but it spills into bars, which are much more plentiful and diverse than for other campuses because of DePaul’s location.
Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life
While University of Chicago students might talk about taking the train or bus downtown or the north side (i.e., DePaul), DePaul students don’t have to leave campus to find some great bars, and crossing the street will give even more options. With so many bars, there is an amazing diversity of experience. Students can stay close to campus and the crowds they know, or it’s easy to go a few blocks and find something completely different.

A Hybrid Experience

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life
There’s no doubt that everyone’s experience living in Lincoln Park is affected by the presence of the University here. The University attracts those interested in the party scene and intellectual scene alike, and it helps to feed the already rich urban environment.
DePaul, on the other hand, definitely benefits from its urban placement, with exposure to an even wider range of off-campus opportunities than nearly any other college enjoys.
This hybrid experience makes Lincoln Park a great place to live, either for students looking for off-campus opportunities, or for people who want to experience the exuberance and energy that can only be found around a college or university.
Chicago Apartments, Downtown Student Life
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