Tips for Walking Your Dogs in Winter!

Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking

Just when we thought we had lucked out with a fairly mild winter, the blowing winds and harsh temperatures have hit Chicago — we’re in for a cold week! And while we bundle up with our scarves, hats, UGG boots, and mittens, we can’t forget about protecting our little four-legged friends! Unless your dog is a Siberian husky, winters can be pretty harsh in Chicago, so here’s a few tips for walking your dogs this winter!
Remember Your Dogs Need to Walk!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, your dog needs to get outside daily for a walk, and of course for a potty break! Walking your dog daily is important, even in winter. Leaving a dog indoors during winter doesn’t allow them the opportunity to expend some of their vivacious energy, and the lack of exercise isn’t good for them. The key is to bundle yourself and your dog up to face the elements.
Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking
Jackets Are In
Jackets or sweaters for smaller, short-haired dogs are always a great idea for harsh winter days. Imagine going outside without your coat! These can be purchased at any pet supply store or specialty boutique and besides making your dog look adorable, they will also keep them warm. Make sure that it is fitting to your dog without many gaps. If there’s a gap, your dog could still catch a draft of cold air.
Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking
Invest in Doggie Booties
They may look a little silly, but purchasing some waterproof doggie booties is a wise investment for the winter months. The salt that covers our sidewalks and streets in the winter months can be harmful to sensitive paws. The harsh salts can eat its way through paws or result in incessant licking. Find a good pair of booties that fit well — loose booties could fall off and you don’t want to have to retrace your steps.
Another alternative to doggie booties is simply applying a small layer of Vaseline to your dog’s paws before you head out for a walk!
Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking
Don’t Overdo It
A quick jaunt around the block or a quick trip to your neighborhood dog park shouldn’t last too long during the winter. Allow your dog enough time to stretch their legs and to take care of business. If you don’t like being outside for too long, neither does your dog!
Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking
Keep Your Dog Warm, Dry, and Well-Hydrated!
If your dog can’t help but jump in a snow drift or spends some time playing in the snow, make sure that you towel-dry them properly when you get home. Avoid prolonged exposure to the winter elements and remember that winter, just like summer, can be very dehydrating to dogs. Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of fresh water — snow is not a supplement to water!

Chicago Apartments, Winter Dog-Walking
We LOVE Dogs at PPM! (^ that’s Butkus, our official PPM mascot!)
We hope these simple tips have been helpful for you! At Planned Property Management, we love dogs! Dogs [and cats!] are welcome in many of our buildings in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and the Gold Coast — in fact, one of our Gold Coast buildings has its own private dog park just for our residents! And, throughout the year we hold “Cutest Pet Contests” so our residents can show off their adorable four-legged friends. With additional amenities like business centers, rooftop pools, onsite laundry, parking, and more, there’s a chance we can have exactly what you — and your pets! — are looking for in a Chicago apartment. Book an appointment with us online or call (773)-570-3744 to learn more. One of our expert leasing agents will give you a tour of our apartments and can take you on an online tour if you’re unavailable to see it in person!

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