Dogs Vs Cats: Which Apartment Pet Is Right For You?

Chicago Apartments, Cats vs. Dogs

Dogs vs. cats: Which one do you prefer? People tend to identify as either a dog person or a cat person. But some of us genuinely love them both. If you’re one of those people who can’t decide between pups or felines, don’t worry — we aren’t here to tell you which one’s better. Instead, we want to help you decide the right choice for you and your lifestyle. The truth is, cats and dogs can both be great apartment pets, but one may be the better choice for you based on a few different factors.  Let’s discuss some of the main points to consider when deciding which apartment pet is right for you.

Chicago Apartments, Cats vs. Dogs

Dogs Vs Cats: Which One Is Right For You?

Daily Care Requirements

One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is how much daily care they require. Cats are independent animals that can fend for themselves if their basic needs are met. Daily care requirements for cats include feeding and cleaning out their litter box, plus some play and affection (if they’re in the mood). Frequent brushings may also be necessary for cats with long fur. Dogs, on the other hand, are more high maintenance. They’ll need to be fed and taken outside at least several times a day. They also require daily exercise, which may range from a brisk walk to a long run depending on the size and breed of your pup.

Chicago Apartments, Cats vs. Dogs

Activity Levels

Evaluating your activity levels can help you determine whether you have the time to dedicate to a dog or if a cat would be a better choice. Cats also allow for more spontaneity in your daily life; you’ll never have to turn down an invitation because you have to get home to let your cat outside. You should also consider the activity level of your ideal pet. Would you prefer an animal that’s bursting with energy or a quiet companion? While activity levels vary by breed, dogs are generally much more energetic than cats.

Chicago Apartments, Cats vs. Dogs

Cleaning Requirements

Additional cleaning responsibilities are part of the responsibility of pet ownership. Cats require litter boxes in their homes, which need daily cleanings. Dogs do their business outside (if they’re trained properly), which some people prefer over keeping a litter box in their apartment. You’ll be cleaning up lots of fur as well.

Chicago Apartments, Cats vs. Dogs


Another factor to consider when deciding on an animal is the cost. Typically, dogs are more expensive to care for than cats because they need more food and items like leashes, collars, treats and chew toys. Cats come with costs as well, including food, litter and treats. Either way, it’s important to take cost into consideration when choosing which pet is right for you.

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