Dog Park Etiquette

Chicago Apartments, Dog Park Etiquette

Spring is in the air here in Chicago and we are definitely gearing up for it! You know who else is excited for the changing weather? Our dogs and here at Planned Property Management, WE LOVE DOGS! We love them so much that many of our building from Lakeview to the Gold Coast offer a dog park. For our buildings that don’t your only steps away from some of the city’s best dog parks. So if you have a little dog or a big dog the time for nice weather and fun at the park starts now!

However it is also important to be mindful when you and your furry friend arrive at one of these parks. Since you will also be interacting with other people and other dogs its best to keep in mind some dog park etiquette. We all dislike those who show up and spoil the fun for the rest of us, so in turn let us not be the ones to spoil it for others. So we’ve listed our top FOUR pieces of etiquette one should follow while arriving at the dog park.

1. ALWAYS pick up after your dog!

Chicago Apartments, Dog Park Etiquette

This is a no brainer! It’s simply good manners to scoop up after your dog does his or her business. It’s gross to walk into a park that has it everywhere and worse, it’s really bad for your dog. You also earn bonus points for bringing extra poop bags for other owners.

2. Bring in puppies older than 12 weeks old AND dogs with complete vaccinations.

Chicago Apartments, Dog Park Etiquette

There are so many diseases and parasites in a dog park to begin with. Older puppies and adult dogs who have been immunized can mostly handle it, and will maybe only pick up Giardia or worms which, as an adult with a strong immune system, they can easily survive with treatment. Puppies under 12 weeks or that haven’t been fully immunized against common diseases need to be kept well away from dog parks.

3. Only bring in dogs that have recall skills.

Chicago Apartments, Dog Park Etiquette

Recall is about more than having your dog come when called. It’s also about having a dog that is constantly attuned to you and ready to obey no matter what, even in the midst of a game of chase. Recall is about being able to disengage your dog from an activity that is escalating and having them return to you until tempers calm down. No recall skills, no dog park.

4. Supervise your dog at ALL times.

Chicago Apartments, Dog Park Etiquette

Think of like taking your child to the playground! Sadly, people enter the dog park and stare at their phones the whole time while their dog is wreaking havoc in the park or, even sadder, the dog just stands there staring at the cellphone-absorbed human, wondering if they’re ever going to play. Dogs know when you’re mentally disengaged and they can often take advantage of that, breaking rules because they know they can. Remember you’re here for your dog not your phone!

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