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Frank might be top dog at PPM, but who’s the top dog in Lakeview?  I set to find out by visiting Flub a Dub Chub, Clark Street Dog, and Wrigleyville Dogs, three of Lakeview’s top-rated hot dog stands.  I invited Frank to go with me, but when I did he started rambling on about cannibalism, so I headed out on my own to see what makes these dog stands tops.
My first stop was Flub a Dub Chub’s Hot Dog Emporium located at 3021 N. Broadway.  Despite the fancy name, the menu at Flubby’s (as the regulars call it) was Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Flub a Dub Chub's Hot Dog Emporiumpretty standard – hot dogs, burgers, and fries.  What made Flub a Dub different, though, was their attention to detail.  Whether it was the addition of fresh cucumber on the hot dog, or a pretzel roll for the burger, the little things set Flubby’s apart from the rest.  Flubby’s is also family owned, and it shows.  They really made me feel like I was at home while I was there.  And speaking of home, Flub a Dub is a great place to bring the entire family.  They don’t serve alcohol, and they have coloring worksheets to keep the kids happy.  But be forewarned.   Make sure the kids are fully mustard-trained before bringing them in.  Flubby’s has a “wall of shame” featuring pictures of ketchup offenders.
Second stop – Clark Street Dog at 3040 N. Clark Street – The hot dog at Clark St. was Chicago-style to the tee.  I don’t have a wholeChicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Clark Street Dog lot to say about what’s on the bun, but it was tasty nonetheless.  What I do have to talk about is what’s in the adjacent space, and that’s the bar.  Clark Street Bar, though a separate entity, is also part of Clark Street Dog (It confuses me too, don’t worry).  The bar had a solid selection of brews and spirits, and I could even order my hot dog while sitting there, which is always a plus.  Clark Street Bar also featured two “it might be so wrong, but feels so right” drinks.  The first was the 3 Olives Sampler, a flight of six mini vodka shots, which is more than enough to wreck any train, plane, or automobile.  The second is the Pickleback shot – a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey chased down with pickle juice.  I really wanted to try the Pickleback, but a little voice in my head told me whiskey shots at 4 in the afternoon might be a bad (or a great) idea, and I had one more dog-joint to stop at, so I refrained.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Wrigleyville DogsThe third and last hot dog stand on my agenda was Wrigleyville Dogs, located at 3737 N. Clark Street.  The hot dog itself at Wrigleyville showed no appreciable difference to Clark St, but the chili cheese fries I ordered with it were another story all together.  Those fries were killer, in multiple senses of the word.  Putting globs of molten cheddar cheese and chili atop fresh out of the fryer fries is always a heart attack waiting to happen.   But if I had died from them, at least I would’ve died happy; those fries were delicious.  Fries aside, other perks to Wrigleyville include the location and hours.  The place is steps from Wrigley Field, Wrigley bars, directly across the street from the Metro, and they’re open until 4 am every day.  That makes Wrigleyville Dogs the perfect place to stumble into after a game, concert, or long night of bad decisions.
Overall, the three establishments I visited all had the same basic ingredients on the bun, including a Vienna Beef frank, tomato, green relish, sport peppers, pickle spear, chopped onion, and mustard.  That’s okay, because as a life-time Chicagoan (I even have the accent) it’s hard to find a hot dog that truly impresses me.  What I did find, though, was that each place had something to give it its own flair, something that set it apart from the others.  As far as who wins the Lakeview dog fight, I’ll let you decide.  But for me, I’m dogged-out.  After all of that eating it’s time for a nap.  Or a Pickleback.  I’m not sure yet.  But it’s definitely one of the two.

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  1. Loved this post. My girlfriend and I are new to the city and it’s nice to know some great places to get good hot dogs. Perhaps there will be a pizza fight in the future?

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