8 DIY Skin Care Recipes for Fall

diy skincare recipes

Now that fall’s arrived, it’s time to update your summer skin care routine for the cold weather season. Instead of purchasing new products, why not make your own skin care solutions at home with natural ingredients? You’ll save money, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your skin (so you won’t have to worry about problematic ingredients). Treat yourself to some self-care this fall with these DIY skin care recipes. Your skin will thank you.

DIY Body Whip

First on our list of DIY skin care recipes is this homemade natural body whip from Green Thickies. The recipe is super simple and delivers awesome results. You’ll need olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax, which will hydrate your skin. Just be careful — the oiliness of this cream means it can be a little greasy after you first apply it. Gve it a couple of minutes to soak in, and be sure to massage it into your skin.


diy skincare recipes to make in your apartment

Homemade Face Mask

This pumpkin face mask from Well+Good is an ideal choice for *spooky season.” It’ll provide a major moisture boost thanks to the nourishing properties of sweet potato, honey, pumpkin, and Greek yogurt. Instead of throwing out your pumpkin guts when you’re creating a jack-o-lantern, save them and make this mask instead!

diy skincare recipes for fall

DIY Face Cream

This homemade face cream from Good Housekeeping is one of our favorite DIY skin care recipes. The cream is made with ultra-hydrating ingredients, including shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe. It also has some rose water to calm your skin and reduce inflammation and redness. Cleanse your face, then apply this rich face cream for soft, hydrated skin all season long.

diy skincare recipes to make in your apartment

DIY Oatmeal Bath Soak

You may remember taking an oatmeal bath as a kid when you had the chickenpox. But you can utilize the soothing properties of oatmeal anytime, especially if you struggle with dry skin issues like eczema, according to WebMD. When you need to unwind, a warm soak in your tub can be a stress-reliever, and this DIY oatmeal bath recipe from Well + Good will take it to the next level. Be sure to grind the oatmeal down to fine powder in your blender so that it doesn’t clog the drain.

diy skincare for fall weather

DIY Foot Scrub

Your feet deserve some pampering once in a while. This homemade foot scrub from Story of Five is just the thing you need to revitalize dry, sore feet. This one also uses oatmeal, along with sugar, honey, and coconut oil. The sugar acts as an exfoliator on tough, dry feet, while the honey and coconut oil softens the skin.

skin care recipes for fall

DIY Lip Scrub

Chapped lips are a pain. But a good lip scrub will exfoliate the dead skin and leave you with a soft, smooth pout. This DIY brown sugar lip scrub from Cosmopolitan works great, and you can whip it up in a couple minutes with basic ingredients. You’ll just need coconut oil, honey, and some lip balm in addition to the brown sugar.

fall skin care recipes

DIY Cucumber Eye Mask

For irritated eyes, try this DIY cucumber eye mask from The Kitchn. You’ll just need coconut oil, cucumbers, and cotton face pads, plus a blender to make it. Optional additions include Vitamin E oil and arnica gel. Once ready, these little eye masks will hydrate and de-puff your tired, dry peepers.

DIY Skin Care Recipes

Coconut Cuticle Oil

Cuticles get chapped and dry during the fall and winter months. Our favorite solution requires zero prep work — simply massage some pure coconut oil into your cuticles to hydrate and heal them from the effects of harsh weather.

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