How To Make A DIY Graveyard Terrarium For Your Apartment

Terrariums are one of our favorite ways to turn house plants into home decor. Building them makes for a fun weekend craft project. You can choose your own plants, stones and knick-knacks to create a fantasy world inside a glass fixture.  With Halloween being just days away, we wanted to share a project that puts a spooky twist on the traditional terrarium. Below, we’re showing you how to create your very own DIY graveyard terrariums for Halloween. You can use this post as a guide — don’t be afraid to get creative with your crafting.


Step One: Choose Your Habitat

The first step to making these DIY graveyard terrariums is to choose a vessel to house it in. We choose these glass geometric planters. However, if you prefer another style, go for it. Terrariums can come in many different sizes and shapes. Most are glass; however, plastic may be a better choice for those with pets. They also come in hanging varieties, like these options here. No matter the style you choose, just be sure it’s large enough to house at least one plant and Halloween trinket.

Step Two: Choose Your Plants & Soil

Next, you’ll need to choose your plant (or plants). When it comes to choosing the plants to include in your DIY graveyard terrariums, you have a lot of creative freedom. Succulents and air plants are most commonly found in open terrariums because it allows the moisture to evaporate. On the other hand, moss does better in an enclosed terrarium. If you need help deciding on the type of plants to include in your own terrarium, you can refer to this guide here. Because you’ll be putting live plants in your terrarium, you’ll need to include a one-inch layer of potting soil as the base. If you choose an enclosed terrarium, you’ll need to begin with a layer of charcoal to allow for drainage.

Step Three: Choose Your Decorations

And now, the best part: choosing your Halloween decorations! If you want to create a DIY graveyard terrarium, you’ll want to choose tiny headstones and skeletons. You can buy small, spooky additions to your terrarium in lots of places. We found some cheap skeletons at the dollar store. You can also order some from Amazon, or buy them at a pop-up Halloween spot. Tip: Spray paint your plastic skeletons gold to create a similar look to our terrariums.

diy graveyard terrarium, lakeview properties chicago

DIY Graveyard Terrariums

Step Three: Build Your Terrarium

Now, it’s finally time to assemble your terrarium. Follow these instructions. Note, these instructions are for assembling an open-container terrarium.

  1. Add an approximately one-inch layer of potting soil to the base of your terrarium’s vessel.
  2. Next, add a layer of stones, pebbles or gravel. We used black fish tank pebbles, which you can buy at pretty much any pet store. In addition to the black pebbles, we added some extra gray stones to give it some more dynamic texture.
  3. Now you’ll add your plants. Dig a small hole (or holes) in the soil and gravel to place your plant(s) in so they can take root. If you’re adding multiple plants to your terrarium, be they have enough room to grow without touching. Once your plants are placed, fill in the holes again.
  4. The last step to building DIY graveyard terrariums is to create your spooky scene! Assemble your spooky items in any way you like to make your terrarium look like a mini haunted graveyard. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just have fun with it.
  5. Don’t forget to water your terrarium regularly to keep your plants alive!
diy graveyard terrarium, lakeview properties chicago

DIY Graveyard Terrarium


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