Divvy: Chicago’s Bike Share Program

Chicago Apartments, Bike-Sharing, Divvy

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the blue bikes stationed around the city. Divvy is Chicago’s new bike share program. Chicagoans are loving Divvy bikes – having taken over 4,000 trips on the bikes last week alone. In fact, 1,700 people in Chicago are already members.

How does it work?

Bikes are available 24/7 365 days a year at hundreds of stations through Chicago. First, you join Divvy. You can either purchase an annual membership online or get a 24-hour pass from any Divvy station. Annual membership is $75 and includes unlimited 30-minute trips. A 24-hour pass is $7 and includes unlimited 30-minute trips within 24-hours. If you’re an annual member you will get a key in the mail which can be used at any Divvy station to get a bike. If you opt for a 24-hour pass, you’ll be given a code to type in. After you take a ride, run errands, do whatever on your 30 minute trip, you can take the bike back to ANY Divvy station.
Chicago Apartments, Bike-Sharing, Divvy

Where are the stations?

You’ve probably seen many stations already scattered throughout the city, and tons more are coming soon. See the map at this link for all the current and upcoming Divvy stations: http://divvybikes.com/
Divvy offers Chicago a new system of public transportation that is not only green but also healthy. We think this is a great way to get Chicagoans living a more active and green lifestyle.
Chicago Apartments, Bike-Sharing, Divvy
Things to remember: Divvy trips can only be 30 minutes long (otherwise overtime fees will be incurred), and ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET (not supplied by Divvy).
Happy Riding!
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