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Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Del Seoul

If you’re going out for Korean food, most likely you’ve had it before or you’re taking someone to try for the first time. This is the place to visit! This family owned restaurant fuses together the flavors of traditional Korean “street food” and giving it a Chicago flair. There is something for everyone, from Korean tacos to vegetarian dishes.
Located right on Clark, it’s a comfortable place with a modern look. We placed our order and the friendly staff hustled with bringing our food to the table quickly. The Kimchi Fries were amazing, it’s exactly what you expect… delicious Kimchi on delicious French Fries topped with onions, pork belly, scallions, melted Cheddar & Jack and sour cream. Yes, we got two orders. But to be fair, there were four of us sharing them.
Dan had the Bulgogi “Banh Mi” Sandwich, steak with a soy marinade and served with pickled daikon & carrots, jalapeno, cilantro and Korean red pepper aioli. For a proper Banh Mi sandwich, the bread is a key ingredient, which is why Del Seoul gets their bread from Ba La in Uptown. He thoroughly enjoyed and mentioned that each flavor complimented each other, and bursting with taste.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Del Seoul
Jasko ordered the Kalbi Tacos, grilled beef short rib with cilantro-onion relish, secret slaw & toasted sesames. He is not use to the flavor of the secret slaw (I feel the secret is a Kimchi-type flavor) and wasn’t a big fan, but he ate them all as well as a big portion of the fries. Next time, we are getting the Kalbi Poutine Fries to share which is throwing a little Canada into the mix.
The most bang for your buck are the Bento Box Dinners.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Del Seoul
Jeff tried the Kalbi short rib box which took a little longer to come to the table, but when it did, it made an appearance. It was HUGE!! A huge portion of meat served with a mixed green salad with a side of ginger-citrus vinaigrette and steamed rice. We had stuffed our faces and finished our meals while Jeff was trying to work his way around the giant meal. He ended up having to get a to-go box because it was just so much food.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Del Seoul
I ordered the Spicy Tofu Hotpot. When it arrived, it was bubbling hot and had an impressive presentation. It’s filled with beef, mussels, clams, shrimp, oysters, silken tofu, egg, onion, and zucchini in a spicy chili broth. I would order this again, the flavors were incredible. My only hesitation is there was too much tofu, but mostly because I wanted more seafood because I love seafood! And was pleasantly surprised that is came with a side order of Kimchi.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Del Seoul
If you’re eating at a Korean restaurant and do not eat Kimchi, then you’re not doing it right.

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