Chic Apartment Holiday Decorating On A Budget

Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations

Decorating your apartment for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive!
We set out to see what we could do with one of our Chicago apartments for the holidays on a budget. We shopped around some local home decor and discount stores, stopped by a local flower shop, and searched around for the perfect Christmas tree.
With a few simple steps we decorated our entire apartments for under $250!
Here’s what we purchased…
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Silver, Gold, and Pinecones!

Gold glass ornaments — $25
Pinecones — $5
Gold & silver ribbon — $15
Gold & silver glass ornaments — $20
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Greens galore ….
Fresh Christmas wreath purchased from Flora Chicago — $50
Fresh Christmas tree purchased from Home Depot — $45
Decorative Christmas trees purchased from a home decor store — $20
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Decorative Accents..

Fresh mistletoe purchased from Flora Chicago… $5
Fresh holiday greens leftover from trimming the Christmas tree… FREE!
Holiday snow… $5
Decorative ornaments… $25
Christmas lights… $15
Pearl colored Christmas ornaments… $10
Here’s What We Did, Step-by-Step…
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
We started off by accenting our dining room table with some leftover greens from our Christmas tree. When you purchase a real Christmas tree, have the bottom branches trimmed and save them to decorate! We also added a few pinecones around the vases to complete the look.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
The final touches brought a great holiday look to our kitchen and dining room.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Next, we used extra greens to spruce up our coffee table. We used a decorative bowl with gold and silver ornaments to create a great centerpiece.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Here we are demonstrating our pine cone juggling skills! Pine cones are an inexpensive way to decorate and bring a touch of the holidays around your apartment.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Adding greens and a few extra little touches like ornaments and pine cones is an inexpensive way to decorate for the holiday!
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Everything looks a little bit better with some greenery around it. Here we are adding some greens to our desk.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Adding a few ornaments to the greens brings a great holiday touch to our work space.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
We decorated our tree with different types of ornaments — fruit, glass balls, and pinecones — all in shades of green, silver, gold, and pearl. The individual ornaments we purchased were discounted but weren’t enough to decorate one tree, so keeping the same color palette, we purchased different types of ornaments. The end result is a beautiful Christmas tree!
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
We completed the living room with bowls of pine cones and decorative Christmas trees on our entertainment center. There’s a little bit of Christmas everywhere!
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
Adding a fresh holiday wreath to the door brings the holidays into the foyer! And the combination of a real wreath and Christmas tree fills our apartment with the wonderful, festive smell of pine.
Chicago Apartments, Holiday Decorations
The final — and most important — touch is adding some fresh mistletoe to the archway!
This entire look cost us under $250 and shows that with a little bit of money and some creativity you can decorate your entire apartment for the holidays with exquisite style. Exta thanks to our friends at Flora Chicago for their design inspiration.
Happy Holidays from Planned Property Management! Show us how you’ve decked your halls for the holiday by entering our Holiday Instagram Competition! Details here.
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