Bedroom Decluttering Tips for Your Apartment


There’s no better time to declutter your space than the start of a brand new year. We recommend beginning with the most important room in your apartment — your bedroom. Need some guidance on how to go about it the right way? Look no further than these helpful tips for decluttering your bedroom.

Trash, Donate, Recycle, or Sell

Start by sorting your unwanted bedroom belongings into four categories: trash, donate, recycle, or sell. Grab your trash and recycling boxes or bags, and put anything you want to sell or donate in separate piles.


Relocate Unnecessary Stuff

Next, rid your room of anything unnecessary. Figure out your bedroom essentials — everything else should go! If you’re having trouble making a decision on something specific, remove it from your room. After a week or so, ask yourself if you miss it. If so, bring it back into your bedroom and give it a permanent location. We all have different at-home routines, so there are no rules for what you should or shouldn’t have in your bedroom, As long as it doesn’t add to the clutter, find what works for you.

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Sort Your Surfaces

Tabletops, dressers, and nightstands get cluttered fast. To thoroughly declutter your bedroom, you’ll need to clean the surfaces of your bedroom furniture. Give them a good cleaning and remove any dusty then return only the most essential items that you really need to their original places.


Keep It Up

The best way to combat clutter is to stay on top of your mess before it gets out of hand. If you want to keep your room decluttered for the long term, try and do some light cleaning a few times a week. Doing the above tasks in small doses will help stop clutter from ever getting out of control.

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