Decluttering Your Apartment: Bedroom Edition

Today we’re talking about decluttering what’s arguably the most important room in your apartment: your bedroom. It’s usually the most private room in our homes, and it’s a place we relax, unwind, and recharge for what’s ahead. This isn’t easy to do what your bedroom is filled with clutter. Decluttering your bedroom can help get you on track for a successful year ahead, and we can help you do it. Here’s our best advice on how to declutter your apartment’s bedroom.

Trash, Donate, Recycle, or Sell

As we mentioned yesterday, you’ll need to sort your items into a few categories based on whether you plan to trash them, recycle them, sell them, donate or keep them. The first step to tackling bedroom clutter is to take on the trash. If you don’t rid your room of unnecessary items, you won’t be able to sort through and organize the goods you plan to keep. Grab your trash and recycling boxes or bags, and get to work sorting your items. If you’re unsure about what’s recyclable, check this page.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Next, rid your room of any items that you plan on keeping, but don’t belong there. You’ll need to ask yourself what the necessities are for you to be happy and comfortable in your bedroom. Everything else should go! If you’re having trouble making the decision, remove the item from your room and wait a week or so to see if you miss it. If you don’t find yourself reaching for it, you’ll know you made the right choice. If not, bring it back into your bedroom and find it a suitable permanent location. Some examples of items like this could be grooming gear, like your blow-dryer or hair straightener, or work-related items like notebooks and folders. We all have different at-home routines, so there are no rules for what you should or shouldn’t have in your bedroom—as long as it doesn’t add to the clutter, find what works for you.

Sort Your Surfaces

Surfaces are often the first areas to become cluttered with messes. Tabletops, dressers, and nightstands easily become full of everyday items. Glasses or water bottles are common culprits. To thoroughly declutter your bedroom, you’ll need to rid your surfaces of everything. Give them a good cleaning and remove any dusty, then return only the most essential items that you really need to their original places.

Keep it Up

The best way to combat clutter is to stay on top of your mess before it gets out of hand. If you want to keep your room decluttered for the long term, try and do some light cleaning a few times a week. Doing the above tasks in small doses will help stop clutter from ever getting out of control.