Decluttering Your Apartment: Tips For Your Bathroom

Let’s talk about bathrooms. If you’re a product junkie (like us), you may be battling a cluttered bathroom on a daily basis (we’re looking at you, skincare addicts). Things get particularly interesting when you live in a smaller apartment, which may offer limited bathroom space. Your shower and grooming routine should be pleasurable and luxurious—you shouldn’t have to deal with clutter when you’re trying to get ready. Instead of tossing out your latest haul and limiting yourself to only a few bathroom items (because who wants to do that?), check out our tips for decluttering your apartment’s bathroom.

Ditch What You Don’t Need

While we firmly believe you don’t have to significantly downsize your favorite products to have an organized, clutter-free bathroom, you will need to part ways with some stuff. Things like old towels, half-empty containers of makeup or product that haven’t been used in months, expired medicine, and, well, literal trash should all be taken out of your bathroom as the first step to an organized space.

“Re-home” Non-Essentials

When we say “re-home” we really mean “re-room.” Items like medicine and even hair styling products typically live in bathrooms because that’s “where they’re supposed to go.” The truth is, if you’re tight on space and clutter builds up fast, there’s no reason you need to keep anything in your bathroom that isn’t essential. Try to move some items into different rooms to create more space for your must-have bathroom gear.

Display Your Goods

You may be familiar with the #shelfie hashtag on social media (not to be confused with the infamous #selfie). The tag features photos people proudly share of their products neatly arranged in an aesthetically pleasing format on a shelf. Whether you plan to capture it on the ‘Gram or not, we think your best and most beautiful products should be on display in your bathroom. Not only will this make your bathroom look good—it’ll help to declutter hidden storage areas, like cabinets and inside organizing bins, and make more room.