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WIN $50 JUST FOR ENTERING our dance contest.  That’s right; ALL PPM RESIDENTS WIN a $50 rent credit just for entering.  All you need to do is, in your PPM apartment building, show us your best, worst, or silliest dance moves.  Here’s some dance move ideas to get you started:

-Running Man
-Crank dat Souja Boy
-The Worm
-Chicken Dance
-Napoleon Dynamite
-On second thought, not the Chicken Dance
-Cabbage Patch
-Fist Pump
-The Carlton Banks
-Disco Hustle
-The Swim
-Pretty much any dance your little heart desires

Whatever you want to do…just dance.

To Enter

  1. 1.) Take a video of you by yourself, or with friends, with your dog, or your grandma, or maybe random inanimate (or animate) objects…dancing in your PPM apartment (or apartment building).
  2. 2.) Send an email to with “Dance Contest Entry” in the subject line. Include in the body
  3.      -Your video (or the link to download it)
  4.      -Your full name, building, and apartment number
  5. 3.) That’s it! – Congratulations you just won a $50 rent credit.


After the submission period, the videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. The person who submitted the video that receives the most likes and comments on YouTube WINS ANOTHER $250 RENT CREDIT!

Rules and Regulations

1. Contest is open to all residents of Planned Property Management.
2. Only one entry per address (per apartment #) will be accepted.
3. Once submitted, PPM holds the rights to use the video however it sees fit.
4. Submissions will be accepted until July 23rd, 2012.

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