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Don here, PPM’s go to guy for hip happenings in the city.  And I have to tell you, autumn has always been my favorite season.  You see most people, including myself, don’t judge the season by the solstice or the equinox, but by the conditions outside; by how the season “feels”.  Autumn feels like change.  The leaves change color.  The temperature outside gets too cold to be summer, yet not frosty enough for winter.  Daylight hours begin to wane.  Yes, spring is a season of change also, but the fruits of spring (pun intended) remain throughout the summer season.  Unlike spring, when autumn is gone, it’s gone.  It’s the brevity of it, the lack of linger, that makes autumn so special.
Another of my favorite things – The parks of Chicago.  They truly are magnificent.  Not only does Chicago have miles of park space, but much of it is located in prime real estate areas and/or on the lakefront.  The city keeps them up kept, litter free(ish), and filled with amazing events throughout the year.  And out of all of them, my favorite, hands down, is Lincoln Park proper.  Whether it’s the miniature golf course, zoo, cityscape views, lily pond, or the harbor, I could go there everyday (and almost do) and still never run out of fun activities.
Here’s my point to all of this.  Normally I have a few recommendations about the amazing things going on in the city.  And there are great events going on as per usual, such as Chromeo Friday and Saturday at the House of Blues, or Navy Pier’s Oktoberfest on Saturday, which can be paired with the weekly 9pm fireworks.  But this week one event trumps all of the others, and that’s the Cultivate Festival in Lincoln Park proper.  For 8 hours on Saturday, October 1st, Lincoln Park is transformed into an adult playland featuring food and seminars from celebrity chefs from around the city and the country, movies, video games, a line-up of world renowned bands for FREE, and a jaw-dropping selection of brews.  When you add to that the amazing locale and the sheer beauty of the park in the autumn, this is the must, must, must go to event of the weekend.  I’m excited just thinking about it.  I know I’ll be there, and hope you will be too.
Lastly, here’s my recommendations on:
Beer:  Flossmoor Station – Their brews are well-crafted, many of which are award winning.  And due to lack of widespread distribution, odds are if you’re not from the south suburbs you’ve probably never tried them.
Music:  White Rabbits – They play at 3:15.

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