Enjoy This Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole at Home in Your Apartment

crock-pot breakfast casserole

Hearty, warm breakfasts make winter weekend mornings in your apartment extra special. Today, we’re sharing our go-to recipe for when we want to indulge for breakfast without changing our pajamas. We love how you can cook this easy crock-pot breakfast casserole overnight and wake up to enjoy it first thing the next morning. This recipes offers up all the goodness of your favorite brunch in the convenience of your apartment’s kitchen.

Overnight Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole (Adapted from this recipe from The Spruce):

1 lb. frozen hash-browns or tater tots

½  lb. chopped bacon or country ham

2 chopped onions

2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, Colby jack, or similar)

6 eggs

½ cup milk

1 tablespoons flour

Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: Layer ⅓ of the hash-browns/ tater tots, then ⅓ of the bacon or ham, then ⅓ of your chopped onions and ⅓ of your cheese into your Crock-Pot. Continue to layer the ingredients two times, ending with cheese as the top layer. Next, add your eggs, milk, and flour in a mixing bowl and whisk until combined. Add salt and pepper to taste, then pour your egg mixture over the layers in your Crock-Pot. Cover and cook on low for approximately 6-8 hours (depending on your Crock-Pot. Be sure to check it at five hours if you have an extra strong Crock-Pot!). Serve with hot sauce (optional).

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