7 Creative Ways To Make Money From Home

creative ways to make money, lakeview apartments in chicago

In 2019, you can make money from virtually anywhere. Gone are the days of needing a brick and mortar shop to start your own business. Thanks to the internet, there are dozens of creative ways to make money from home (or anywhere with a WiFi connection). From selling clothes or home goods to sharing your in-demand skills with the world, there’s a way for pretty much anyone to make money online. Whether you just want some extra cash or are curious about building your own online brand, these suggestions will help inspire you to look into creative ways to make money from home.

creative ways to make money, lakeview apartments in chicago

Creative Ways To Make Money


We’ve previously discussed Poshmark on the blog, but it deserves another mention in this roundup. Why? Because Poshmark makes selling your old clothes simple and convenient. On the app, you can list your clothing items, jewelry, accessories or shoes. Other “Poshers” can browse the app and either bid on, or buy, your listed item. Once the transaction is finalized, Poshmark sends the buyer a shipping label. All you’ll need to go is pack your item, stick on the label and send it on its way to its new home. You’ll get paid once the item has been received and accepted by the buyer. Poshmark does keep a small percentage of the profits, but for the convenience and protection the app provides, we say it’s well worth it.


When it comes to creative ways to make money from home, selling your goods is one of the simplest suggestions. But the question of how to actually make it happen is a little trickier. After all, you need to be careful when selling to avoid scams. Luckily, the app Mercari makes it totally simple. On Mercari, you can sell almost anything, from home goods to beauty products to tech gadgets and more. Mercari streamlines the selling process by making it simple to list your item, ship it and get paid — fast.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Ever dream of getting paid to binge-watch Netflix? You can make that dream a reality. Every so often, Netflix will hire “taggers,” to watch their content and categorize them accordingly. It’s a job you can do without ever leaving your bed. Check the Netflix job board for available openings.

Take Online Surveys

While you’re not going to make enough money to support yourself, taking online surveys is another way to earn some extra cash at home. For example, sign up for SwagBucks, and you can earn gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos and other fun stuff. InboxDollars is another great option to check out.


If you have a skill set that’s in demand, chances are there’s someone who could use your help. They may not live in your city, state, or even your country. But thanks to job sites like PeoplePerHour.com, Fivver and Upwork, you can connect with people anywhere on earth who are in need of the skills you provide. Popular skills include graphic design, writing and editing. There’s also a demand for virtual assistants. And transcriptionists are always needed, too.

Teach English

Another way to earn money from home, or anywhere, is to teach English online. Just make sure you find a reputable site that’s well-vetted to avoid any scammer situations. VIPKID is one of the most reputable options. This article offers seven legitimate websites that can help get you started with teaching.

Sell Your Photos

Do you have a good eye for photography? Then your snapshots might be worth something. You can sell your photos to websites for some cash, even if you aren’t exactly pro. If you’re interested, check out Shutterstock and Adobe.

creative ways to make money, lakeview apartments in chicago

Creative Ways To Make Money


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