7 Essential Apartment Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

Pet ownership comes with some pitfalls. Specifically, a clean apartment becomes extra difficult to maintain when you have cats and dogs at home. Pets shed their fur, have accidents on the carpet and can create all sorts of messes daily. The good news is there are some simple ways you can combat pet mess. Here are some essential cleaning tips for pet parents that will help you maintain a tidy home.

Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

Cleaning Tips For Pet Parents

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum cleaners are arguably essential for anyone with a cat or a dog. Most pets shed — a lot — so you have to keep up with pet hair removal. Otherwise, your apartment can become fur-covered pretty quickly. Plan to vacuum your furniture, rugs and carpet at least once a week as a pet parent. 

Remove Pet Fur

While vacuum cleaners will suck up a substantial amount of fur, they aren’t your only option. A hard-bristle brush can remove stubborn fur from carpets. Purchasing some tools specifically designed to remove pet fur from clothes and furniture can also be a big help. It’s always a good idea to have a lint roller on hand, but a wet rubber glove can also do the trick in a pinch. For recommendations on pet hair removal tools, check out our previous post here.

Cover Furniture

Placing coves over your furniture will help to keep your living space fur-free (or as close to fur-free as it can get). When it’s time to clean, simply strip the cover off your couch, chair or bedspread and toss it in the washing machine to remove excess fur and pet dandruff. Vacuum up any loose hairs while the cover is being washed.

Groom Your Pets

Another way to keep your apartment clean as a pet parent is to groom your cat or dog regularly. Grooming helps to remove excess fur before it has a chance to land on your stuff, so you can reduce the amount of fur that inevitably collects around your home. Giving longhaired pets a thorough weekly brushing will help keep your apartment clean.

Bathing your pets regularly will also help to keep your apartment clean, as pet dandruff and dirt can accumulate on your pets over time, which will then spread to areas of your home. It’s good practice to wipe your dog’s paws off after taking them for a walk so they don’t track dirt around your apartment.

Act Fast

Accidents happen. As a pet parent, you’ll likely have to deal with them once in a while. To remove pet stains, your best bet is to act fast. The quicker you scrub away the stain, the less chance it has to leave a permanent mark. Loosen the stain with a damp cloth as soon as you find it, then use an enzyme-based cleaner to finish up the job.

Clean Your Pet’s Stuff

It’s not just your own furniture and clothing that needs to be cleaned from pet dirt, fur and dandruff. If your pets have their own blankets, bedding or toys, those will need to be cleaned often, too. Cat owners will need to clean their kitty’s litter box out at least a few times a week, but daily cleanings are optimal to keep your home safe from unwanted smells.  Tip: Invest in a hooded litter box to help keep the litter and smells in the box where they belong. Check out our litter box guide here.

Deodorize Your Space

A clean home should smell fresh, not stinky. To keep your apartment from getting smelly, consider purchasing odor neutralizers for your home. Some options include scented candles, incense or deodorizing spray. You can also buy special litter box deodorizers to help with cat smells.


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