Did You Know You Can Clean With Seltzer? Here’s How

clean with seltzer

We’re all about drinking the bubbly. But did you know it can be used to clean your apartment? Sparkling water or seltzer is a natural alternative to cleaning solutions with harsh toxins, and it’s a safer option for those with pets or kids around. Here are just a few of the most useful ways you can clean with seltzer.

Chicago Apartments, Seltzer Cleaning Tips, Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Clean Stainless Steel

You can use seltzer water to clean your stainless steel sink, cookware, or appliances. Dampen a clean cloth with some seltzer water to wipe away water stains and buildup. Seltzer can also be used to de-grease stubborn pots and pans.

Chicago Apartments, Seltzer Cleaning Tips, Pet Stain Removal

Remove Pet Stains

Battling pet stains is a common complaint of pet parents. Seltzer can help. Pour some sparkling water over the stain and let it fizz. Then take a cloth and blot it repeatedly. Add more water if necessary.

Chicago Apartments, Seltzer Cleaning Tips, Rust Removal

Remove Rust

If you need to remove rust from something, fizzy water usually does the trick. Simply submerge the rusty object in some seltzer. The carbonation will cause the rust to dissolve.

Chicago Apartments, Seltzer Cleaning Tips, Window Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Windows

Standard window cleaning agents typically contain strong chemicals. If you want to opt for all-natural, use seltzer to clean your windows instead of the store-bought stuff. Add some seltzer to a spritzer and spray your windows down before wiping them off with a cloth.

Chicago Apartments, Seltzer Cleaning Tips, Face Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Face

Go ahead and add a bottle of bubbly water to your skincare stash, because washing your face with carbonated water is a recommended option. The carbonation from the water removes dirt and oil from deep within your pores.

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