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Chicago Apartments, Clean Eating

This holiday season has left me feeling less than healthy. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and this crazy winter weather we’ve been having, I’ve had way too many excuses to eat some terrible things. And to be honest, dieting is a little weird to me.
You starve yourself/barely eat/cut out carbs for a month or so and then go back to eating junk? Doesn’t seem like the best plan. So, I thought in 2014 we could all try something new together, clean eating.
You’ve probably heard the phrase thrown around but let me break down what it really means to “eat clean.” It’s much easier than any diet and has a good impact not only on your body, but the environment as well.
The overall mantra of clean eating is to make your calories count but don’t count your calories. Basically, don’t obsess over how many calories you’re eating just make sure you’re eating the right ones. Clean eating involves trying to stay away from artificial flavoring, coloring, sugar substitutes or chemical additives. The idea is that clean eating won’t just help you lose weight but it helps your overall health and you generally just feel better.
Chicago Apartments, Clean Eating
The more we learn about how our food is grown, raised, and shipped, the more people are looking to clean eating. I would never tell you to resist those cheeseburger urges, because I would never deny myself that happiness, but maybe view that cheeseburger as a rarity rather than an everyday meal.
Chicago Apartments, Clean Eating
Also, look to where it comes from. We, luckily, live in a city where we have access to a ton of restaurants that use local, sustainable, healthy meats and produce. Choose a restaurant that uses local ingredients and this can go a long way. It’s been said that getting rid of the chemicals often associated with processed meats and foods can have an immediate effect on your body, you feel less tired and have more energy when you get those toxins out of your body.
Chicago Apartments, Clean Eating
So, I challenge you in 2014 to try clean eating or at least “cleaner” eating if you’re not ready to give up processed foods altogether. Go for oatmeal with blueberries rather than a blueberry muffin from a package, read the ingredients when you’re at the grocery store (or better yet, go to the Farmer’s Market), and listen to your body. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full and eat calories that count. Protein will fill you up faster than Cheetos so you’ll eat less and still feel full.
Do you eat clean? What are your favorite clean recipes?
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