ChipMonks: PPM Connect Rewards


Craving American and Italian food in Chicago? We know just the place to hit up for delivery tonight. ChipMonks! Established in 1985, the Lakeview spot offers mouthwatering, feel-good comfort foods like burgers, Italian beef sandwiches, cheesesteaks, charbroiled steaks, and more.


On the menu, you’ll find lots of low-key dishes like hot dogs and Polish sausages, along with a variety of pasta bowls like Spaghetti Marinara and Chicken Parmesan. In addition to hearty main courses, ChipMonks offers an array of tasty sides and apps like cheesy fries and onion rings. When you’re finished with your main meal, don’t miss the dessert menu. We recommend the chocolate cake!

Finally, the best part: ChipMonks offers free delivery on all orders over $15! So, it’s the ideal spot for any night you don’t feel like cooking at home. Give them a call at (773)-281-8060 to place your order tonight. And check out our PPM Connect Rewards page to see a list of all the deals you’re eligible for as a PPM resident!

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