Simple Ways to Maximize Space in Your Chicago Studio Apartment


Studio apartments offer many benefits, but they can feel cramped if you lack the right setup or organization skills. Luckily, it’s easy to rearrange your apartment to best utilize every inch of space. Here are some simple ways you can maximize space in your Chicago studio.


Use Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture allows you to live comfortably in your Chicago studio apartment without having to get rid of all your stuff. Beds, tables, and ottomans can double as storage units. There are plenty of multipurpose furniture options available for purchase at home goods stores, but you can also create your own space-saving pieces.

Elevate Your Bed

Loft beds aren’t just for dorm rooms and kids. Elevating your bed frees up lots of floor space, which you can use to your advantage. Place a chest of drawers, a desk, or shelves underneath a loft bed to maximize your extra space.

Try a Room Divider

Figuring out the best way to arrange a studio can be tricky. If you’re struggling to organize your apartment efficiently, consider purchasing or creating a room divider to help visually define the space. Another option is to use varying colored rugs for different sections of your home to help create the sense of separate “rooms.”

Keep It Clean

Keeping your studio apartment clean and tidy can go a long way. Clutter piles up quickly in small places, and when things are disorganized, it’s impossible to utilize surfaces properly. Set aside some time every week to thoroughly clean your studio. You’ll thank yourself later when you notice how much easier it is to stay organized.

Curate Your Clothes Rack

PPM Apartments offer lots of closet space, but here’s an simple trick if you need more. A curated clothing rack can double as a chic component to your apartment décor. Purchase a basic rack and pick out some pieces to display outside of your closet. You’ll clear up space while also adding to your apartment’s look (and you’ll be able to show off some of your favorite fashion pieces).

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