Chicago Spring Showers

Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

With spring here in Chicago and summer just around the corner a lot of us are very excited. Excited to be outside, excited for the warm weather, and of course excited for beach and pool season. But as the saying goes, spring showers bring may flowers you can be sure there are some spring rainy days still yet to come.

Fear not though, there are still plenty of fun things to do in Chicago even on a rainy day and there are even some fun things to do in your own PPM building when that nasty rain hits. So we put a little list together of some fun things you can do when rain hits. It might not be as fun in the sun but were sure they will keep you busy during those drizzly days!

So lets look at our list of 5 fun things you can do when that pesky old rain hits the streets of Chicago. Don’t worry though, that rain will eventually stop and summer will be in Chicago before you know it!

Go to a Museum

Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

Chicago is full of amazing and wonderful museums to explore on a rainy spring day. From the Shedd Aquarium, to the Field Museum, and even the Chicago Art Institute. You be hard pressed to find one that tickles your fancy.


Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

Many of Planned Property buildings have gyms included in your building. Why not whip up a protein shake and hit the weights for an hour or so. Feel good and eat well on those pesky rainy days!

Cozy in a Coffee Shop

Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

Get comfy in a locale coffee shop and enjoy the sounds of the rain over a hot cup of coffee. Head over to Bow Truss, Gaslight Coffee Roasters, or Ipsento to get that coffee fix. This is a great way to kick back and relax until the rain blows away.

Watch a Movie

Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

Cuddle up in your PPM apartment to a good movie. Call over some friends, pull out the wine and enjoy some entertainment. For an extra comfy time, grab a few blankets, light a candle and cozy up to a good flick. Hey you could even do a Netflix and Chill!

Go out to Dinner

Chicago Apartments, Rainy Day Activities

We won’t tell you that Chicago is filled with countless restaurants, you already know that. But why not try something new in your neighborhood, maybe that new place you always walk by is the perfect spot to try on a rainy day. Get out there and explore!

For a fun sunny day adventure, why not checkout the new Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier! More info here.

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