Chicago New Year’s Eve 2015

The New Year is right around the corner. Being from Chicago you know that this city can not only celebrate but also can party hard! For many people New Years has been on their mind for quite a bit of time now. Organizing friends, planning a party, or buying tickets to this year’s hottest Chicago New Year’s Eve Bash.

However some of us may have been busy or simply put off the celebration until now. Whichever you are fear not PPM has you covered! We put a list together of the top places that still offer tickets for this coming New Years. So if you’re a Downtown, Lincoln Park, or Lakeview person check out our list on where to head this Wednesday night!

Palmer House Chicago

For those looking for a huge bash to party until the sun comes up in River North, look no further1. With DJ’s galore and multiple bar rooms you can’t go wrong with this Chicago Hotel Venue. Tickets and info can be found here!

Sunda New Asian

Another great River North spot, this New Year’s Eve you can expect a much more laid back lounge atmosphere. If you’re not into huge crowds packed into a large banquet room, this is your spot. Tickets and info can be found here!

Linkin House

Heading up to Lincoln Park this New Year? Well check out Linkin House for your New Year’s celebration. For those looking to not head to the Downtown area but still want to keep it classy Linkin House is that place. Tickets and info can be found here!

Smart Bar

Smart Bar leads us to our final pick this New Years. Located right in Lakeview this unique bar has it all. Lights, music, and dancing. If you’re craving the northern atmosphere and music we highly suggest Smart Bar. Tickets and info can be found here!

Whatever you plan to do this coming week, make sure to be safe and have a ride home. Unfamiliar with getting around the city? No problem, we recommend downloading the Uber app to help you get around easily and safely this Wednesday. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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