Chicago Haunted Houses 2016

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, House of Torment

It’s that amazing time of year again where the ghouls and ghosts come out to play. Halloween is just around the corner and we be lying if we said we were not pumped for the holiday. We here in the Midwest know how to do fall and Halloween right and that’s no expectation to us here at PPM.

We even have seen a clown lurking in many Planned Property buildings the past week… Not only do we love the costumes and the treats but we love the scares! One of the best parts of Halloween are the haunted houses, and we can’t wait to see one. So we put together a list to help you find the perfect haunted house in Chicago this year. Let’s take a look, if you dare…

13th Floor Haunted House

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, 13th Floor

This one is sure to give you a fright! Located at 1940 George Street. More info here!

House of Torment

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, House of Torment

They are not kidding around at this place, it’s sure to give you a scare. Located at 8240 Austin Ave. More info here!

Midnight Terror

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Midnight Terror

A sure way to be terrorized this Halloween season. Located at 5520 W 111th Street. More info here!

Dream Reapers

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Dream Reapers

Your dreams will not be pleasant after a walk through this haunted place. Located 1945 Cornell Ave. More info here!

Chicago Haunted Tours

Chicago Apartments, Haunted Houses, Haunted Tours

If haunted houses are not your thing, check out one of the many haunted tours of Chicago. Located at 610 N. Clark Street. More info here!

As you can see there are plenty of places and way to get scared this Halloween season in Chicago. We highly recommend you get out and enjoy the frightful season and if you haven’t already check out our latest blog on Mike Ditka’s for a tasty meal be for you freak!

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