Chicago Film and Television

We love seeing our city on the silver screen and according to the Chicago Film Office, this summer has been a record breaking high for Hollywood studios and TV Networks using Chicago the backdrop for their stories.
The dystopian thriller “Divergent” just wrapped a few weeks ago, starring Kate Winslet & Ashley Judd.
The crime drama “Mind Games” starring Christian Slater & Steve Zahn is about two brothers who run a problem solving firm using psychological manipulation as their main device.
We are also expecting “Transformers 4” to come back to Chicago for the fourth installment at the end of summer, starring Mark Wahlberg (swoon!) as the lead.

The NBC series “Chicago Fire” was picked up for another season, and has created a spin-off, “Chicago PD”. Both shows will be here from mid-July until fall while Chicago welcomes three new TV series that will begin filming in the months to come.

The legal drama “Betrayal” starring Stuart Townsend, James Cromwell & Hannah Ware will premiere on ABC this fall. Ware plays an unhappily married women who starts an affair with a lawyer who happens to be battling her husband in court.

You may see Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis & Sean Bean around town for the next two months, who are here filming the sci-fi action film “Jupiter Ascending”.

Gillian Anderson & Lance Gross will be staring in “Crisis”, a political thriller surrounding the kidnapping of the President’s son.

Robert Redford is joining his Sundance Productions with CNN to develop the 8 part series “Chicagoland” that will focus and explore on where politics and policy meet the everyday lives of real Chicagoans. Redford has described Chicago to have “a rhythm all it’s own” and is “honored” to play a part in telling the story.

What film/TV shows that are being filmed in Chicago are you most excited about watching?!

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