Chicago Beach Breakdown

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, Oak Street Beach

One thing that sets the great city of Chicago apart from other cities around the U.S. is its beaches.
The beaches are just a short walk from other great city attractions and most of them offer a great view of the Chicago skyline.
Whether you’ve been in Chicago your whole life or you’re entertaining a group of first-time visitors, a trip to any one of these Chicago beaches is sure to make for a great day.
So lets take a look at what Chicago has to offer!

Oak Street Beach

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, Oak Street Beach
This beach has arguably the best beach-city-view. The skyscrapers butt right up to the beach, which makes for great pictures and also easy access if you’ve been shopping on Michigan Avenue all day. This beach is also home to Oak Street Beach Food and Drink – picture yourself not only lounging on a beach with an amazing city view but with a frozen cocktail in hand and some delicious food whenever you want it. Fish tacos on the beach, anyone?

North Avenue Beach

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, North Avenue Beach
This beach is where you go to have a good time. There’s always a volleyball game to join, great people watching, and a number of people rollerblading, running or biking on the nearby lakeshore trail. This beach also plays host to a number of water sports – kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing, you name it, North Ave has it. And Castaways, the bar that looks like a ship on the beach, is an experience all its own. Sit on the upper deck for the best people watching on a hot day and sip on a margarita.

Montrose Beach

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, Montrose Beach
My personal favorite for beaches in the city. Although not as close as Belmont harbor, this beach also provides a dog only section of the beach. But better than Belmont, the Montrose dog beach is gigantic. Your dog can run up and down the beach for what seems like forever. Also, the water is shallow enough for them to run around without feeling nervous if your pup isn’t a big swimmer. Dogs of all shapes and sizes come here and your dog is bound to have a great time…and come home exhausted 

Evanston Beaches

Chicago Apartments, Evanston Beaches
There are 5 beaches in Evanston and they provide great family friendly and more low-key relaxation than the bustling beaches of Chicago. Ice cream shops, restaurants, and boutiques can be found throughout Evanston and although not as easily accessed as the beaches in Chicago, the beaches here are well worth the trip.

Belmont Harbor Beach

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, Belmont Harbor Beach
This beach, although small, has a lot to offer. The harbor is home to the Chicago Yacht club so it provides a great view of the harbor and all the people that come along with it. Belmont Harbor Beach also has a dog friendly beach. The best part about this dog beach is it’s proximity to many PPM buildings – let your furry friend cool off in Lake Michigan this summer – within walking distance!

Loyola Leone Beach

Chicago Apartments, Chicago Beaches, Loyola Leone Beach
This is the largest beach in Chicago! Very kid and family friendly – this beach has it all. Baseball fields, basketball courts, and a bike rack are just a few of the attractions. The Heartland concession stand also provides sustenance if you plan on staying at the beach all day.
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