Cheap Eats: Lincoln Park – Clybourn Avenue

OK we admit there has been a  recent influx of “fast casual” burger joints cropping up all over the city, BUT If you enjoy griddle burgers (i.e. Steak and Shake, Meatheads, etc), this place is for you.  The patties are thin and get a nice crisp along the edges.

We opted for the traditional SmashBurgers with all the fixings and the SmashFries (tossed with olive oil, rosemary and garlic).  We thought the burgers were super juicy and were cooked and seasoned to perfection!  We loved the generous sauce and toppings. We were not sure when we saw the skinny shoestring fries, but the flavor knocked our socks off! The service was also quick, efficient and friendly.

It was a full meal at a great price that could only get better with a Haagen-Daaz milk shake.


2031 N. Clybourn


10:00 am – 10;00 pm

Jaimito’s Burritos 1781 N Clybourn Ave

We loved the “fresh” style of Jamito’s Burritos. These are not the 3 pound rice-filled monsters you get at Chipotle, but more of a layered burrito filled with classic vegetables and great meat. After they wrap up the burrito they brown it on the grill for a warm burrito inside and out, and a nice toasty taste.  The steak burrito with avocado was awesome – tender perfectly season steak with creamy ripe avocado – LOVED IT!  Their guacamole is very simple with just onions and avocados. Don’t add the little red sauces to anything if you don’t like a good spice factor. They also have excellent chips. Great service by the guys behind the counter. Nice sauces. Wonderful prices.


Jaimito’s Burritos

1781 N. Clybourn


10:00 am – 10:00 pm / Open to 5:00 am Fri & Sat

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