Cheap Eats: Gold Coast

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Original Pancake House, Omelet

Original Pancake House
22 E. Bellevue
Chicago IL 60611
Opens Every Day @ 7:00 am

Halal Guys
49 W. Division
Open until 4:00 am Fri & Sat

Yes the Gold Coast is home to some of Chicago’s finest restaurants BUT you don’t half to the break the bank to eat well in our favorite neighborhood! To prove our point we stopped by two Gold Coast staples for inexpensive yet AMAZING food.

The Original Pancake House on Bellevue and Halal Guys on Division.

Here is what we thought: We are always looking for a great affordable breakfast in the Gold Coast and we are shocked that we have overlooked the Original Pancake House at 22 E. Bellevue (Rush & Maple) – walking distance from all PPM’s High-Rise Buildings! What a warm and welcoming place – the atmosphere takes us back to a mom and pop diner. The ambiance was average but not over loud, just local folks and some tourists exchanging laughter and sharing great conversations – everyone welcome = kids, families, tourists and business professionals!

The Omelets

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Original Pancake House, Omelets

Are GIGANTIC and Chock Filled with Fresh Crunchy Veggies

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Original Pancake House, Omelets

Pancakes and Crepes

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Original Pancake House

All served with fresh, hot strong coffee! The service is excellent, food wonderful, our bellies content and it’s a wonderful great start of our day!

Halal Guys

We had to take a nap after our big breakfast but when we were ready to go again! We finally made it over to Division for a late lunch at Halal Guys. You either get a big sandwich for roughly $7 or a platter for $10. The sandwich is wrapped in Pita and the platter is served in a dish with rice and some salad. Both are a large portion for one person.

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Halal Guys

Your choices of protein are gyro (beef), chicken, falafel or a combo – you could order in any combination. The sauces are out of this world! We loved everything we tasted – the meat was tender and moist, and lettuce, green pepper, and tomatoes were fresh. Red sauce is dangerous, and we love eating super spicy!

Chicago Apartments, Cheap Eats, Halal Guys

In sum, two great affordable fast Gold Coast restaurants where you will NEVER leave hungry! If your looking for a great sandwich, make sure to checkout our latest blog on Sandwiched Chicago!

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