Celebrities in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Robin Williams

Something I don’t ever think I’ll get over is seeing celebrities. One time I saw John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in Tails in the City (a fancy pet store downtown) and almost passed out. We live in a city that you wouldn’t immediately associate with celebrities, but many famous faces call Chicago home – either now or when they grew up… no, Kanye West isn’t the only one.

Cindy Crawford

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Cindy Crawford
Born in Dekalb, Illinois and attended Northwestern University in Chicago before starting her modeling career right here in Chicago at Elite Model Management.

Walt Disney

Born in Chicago in 1901.
Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Walt Disney

Robin Williams

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Robin Williams
Born in Chicago in 1951.

John C. Reilly

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, John C. Reilly
Born (1965) and raised in Chicago. He attended Brother Rice High School and DePaul University.

Harrison Ford

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Harrison Ford
Born (1942) and raised in Chicago. He was quoted as saying “I love Chicago. I love the energy of the place, the architecture, the people, the rigor of the place. Bitter cold in the winter, fierce winds, hot summers. During college I’d come back for summer jobs. I worked on a boat in Burnham Park Harbor, in a nightclub on the near north side. I was a manager at the first Crate & Barrel on Wells Street. I am always happy to go back to Chicago.”

Hugh Hefner

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Hugh Hefner
Born in Chicago in 1926 and opened the first playboy club in Chicago in the 1960s it was located at 116 E. Walton Street.

Tina Fey

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Tina Fey
She lived in Chicago in the late 90’s when she was performing with second city.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Kristen Cavallari, Jay Cutler
Currently live in Chicago and rent a home in the suburb of Winnetka.

Vince Vaughn

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Vince Vaughn
Grew up here and still owns a home here. I’ve heard of a few Vince Vaughn sightings – so be on the lookout!

Jennifer Hudson

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Jennifer Hudson
Born (1981) and raised in Chicago. She currently owns a mansion in Burr Ridge, IL.

Jim Belushi

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Jim Belushi
Born in Chicago in 1954, he has lived in Chicago most of his life. He opened the Comedy Bar in 2012 in Chicago.

Billy Corgan

Chicago Apartments, Celebrities, Billy Corgan
Of the smashing pumpkins was born (1967) and raised in the Chicago area. The smashing pumpkins originally gained notoriety in the Chicago music scene in the 1990s. Billy still lives in the area and owns a tea shop in Highland Park, IL.

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